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Thermo-Tech Windows Reviews

Read 9 Thermo-Tech windows reviews from contractors and homeowners who have experience with their products and customer service.

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Ultra Series

Thermo-Tech Ultra Windows Reviews

The Thermo-Tech Ultra comes standard with low-e 366 Cardinal glass, warm-edge spacer, double-strength glass. The double hung window will have the following performance data: .30 u-factor, a 3.33 R-value, .21 SHGC, 54 Condensation resistance, DP40, and .02 air infiltration. These are impressive numbers.

Tim - Site Editor

Thermo-Tech Ultra vs. Sunrise Standard Windows

Hello, I stumbled upon your site while looking for reviews on windows. I’ve narrowed it down to two contractors and I’m struggling to decide. It would be great to have more independent information on the actual products. One uses Sunrise windows (assuming standard) and the other uses Thermo-Tech Ultra.

I’ve seen positive reviews on the Sunrise windows and looking for more information on how they compare to the Thermo-Tech windows. Both contractors were very nice and I could easily do business with either of them. Any additional information you can provide on the actual products would be greatly appreciated.

Our project is 7 total openings; 4 sliders, one 1/3-1/3-1/3 picture w/ sliders, a garden window and an 8 ft patio door.

Angela - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Angela, I don't know a lot about Thermo-Tech, I just don't hear a lot about them. I looked at their website and the performance data on the windows is quite impressive.

Sunrise is one of the better manufacturers out there. They make a very good product.

If it were me I would go with the Sunrise simply because they are a bigger operation and are less of an unknown. However, if the contractor who uses Thermo-Tech has a long proven track record with them, it might sway my judgement.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2018

Thermo Tech Air Infiltration And Glass Options

Hi Tim wondering if you can help me out with a question on thermo-tech.

Appears they have 3 grades of glazing.

Ultimate is U- .26. r value 3.85. solar .20. visible light .47. condensation resistance 43

Premium is U- .30. r value 3.33. solar .21. VL .48 and CR 54

High is U- .31. r value 3.23. solar .31. VL .54 and CR 54.

My concern is the 43 condensation. Isn't that too low for northern Minnesota? Also premium vs high doesn't seem to much different and wouldn't going with high be almost the same as premium. High and premium have a better CR.

This is for double hung. Also the air infiltration on a double hung is .02 and .07 on a slider. Is going to a slider at .07 to high or is it still low enough not to worry?

Again I appreciate your help and look forward to your reply.


Tony - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Tony, I think that Premium is a solid choice.

Premium is U- .30. r value 3.33. solar .21. VL .48 and CR 54

Double hungs and casements always get better AI numbers. Sliders always are at the bottom of the AI for operable windows. If I lived in a very cold climate like your own, I think I'd go with the double hungs myself.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2021

Thermo Tech Windows Question

Currently we are strongly considering replacing seven windows in our condo with Thermo Tech casement type windows. Anderson windows are also being considered. What type of complaints do you RARELY receive from home owners who may have a complaint within a few years after purchase? I think I know the positive aspects of Thermo Tech, but what might I don’t know or not being told about them. I would appreciate a straight forward response from you. Thank you very much.

Larry - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Larry, failed seals, hardware breaking or not working properly, and improper installation are the three most common early on problems with windows. Assuming you go with a well reputed window brand (and I think I would put Thermo Tech in that group), your risk of the first two problems are low. It's not to say it can't happen, but that's why you use a brand that has a good history of quality products.

Improper installation is more common than most consumers think and can be quite expensive to remedy. Find an installer who knows the window you are putting in and has an impressive track record installing windows in homes. That's about all you can do to protect yourself.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

Thermo Tech Window vs Inline

I think Serious makes a good window, and I also like Thermotech and Inline. Serious makes a really good product with suspended film glass, the lighter weight makes the moving parts last a lot longer and you get more light coming through. Serious has been used in a lot of famous buildings, including the Empire State Building, plus they come with a lifetime guarantee. Thermotech is also great, they are more expensive but they have really great service, I recommend them especially if you don't know anything about what you want or need. Inline is my third choice but still good.

Gerry - Installer - from 2011

More on Serious windows reviews.

Customer Service Issue

We sent an email to ThermoTech trying to get a quote, but they never answered. That tells you something about their customer service right there. We decided to look at Fibertec and Inline instead. Inlines frames don't seem quite as sturdy, and I don't like the inside profile or the screen as much as Fibertec so we'll probably just go with them.

Ossa - Homeowner - from 2011

Thermo-Tech Windows vs. Gerkin

Thermo-tec makes windows that are serviceable, but not great. I'm a big fan of Richlin, but they use a pocket sill, which I'm not a big fan of, and they tend to be pricey. Gerkin is a good option, they make good aluminum and vinyl windows and they are priced very reasonably.

Todd - Contractor - from 2011

Thermotech Windows vs Fibertec

We've received quotes from both Thermotech and Fibertec and the Thermotech was 15K more than the Fibertec quote - all for the same number of windows (20+) and I believe the same quality of window (there might have been some minor differences but I think they were comparable). I couldn't justify the high cost of these windows and ended up going with Fibertec and I'm pleased. Our research showed Fibertec being close in price to Inline windows, but they aren't available in our area and I liked the look and design of the Fibertec more anyway.

Jenny - Consumer - from 2010

Thermotech vs. Fibertec: Take 2

I also compared Thermotech and Fibertec windows as they are the only fiberglass options in my area. Thermotech is a well regarded window but they are expensive. Fibertec, on the other hand, had some mixed reviews, which I discussed with the rep and he said they had had some issues with some of their staff a while back but they have ironed it all out. The install worked out well and so far the windows are great, although I haven't even gone through a winter here, so I'll reserve judgement until then.

Terry - Consumer - from 2010

Contractor's Opinion

I sell ThermoTech frequently. There are actually two manufacturers, one in Canada at and one in the US at I am not familiar with the Canadian company, but the one here in the US is great. Their customer service team is very responsive and I very rarely see any problems with the product. I'd recommend them to anyone, and would definitely use them on my own house if I needed windows.

Guy - Window Contractor - from 2008

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