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Casement Windows

Casement windows are a popular window style that have an elegant look and feel to them. They also incorporate nice functionality with their ability to open and close, while still maintaining good performance numbers.

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Casement Window Basics

A casement is hinged on one side and has an interior turn or crank that is turned either counterclockwise to open or clockwise to close. The window opens like a door and allows in nice afternoon breezes or the natural sunlight. Casements can be stand alone, as they are in the picture below. There are also double casements that sit right next to one another and both open outward. In some set ups, homeowners have a three window unit where the middle window is a larger fixed frame and the two smaller side windows are casements. Bay windows

Casement Window Prices

In general, casement window prices will be slightly higher than comparable double hungs. They range from roughly $350 to $1,050 full installed, a large price range that reflects how many different manufacturers produce this style of window. Pricing is affected by window size, the brand name and model, the glass package selected and the type of installation required.

-- Price Range: $350 to $1,050 Installed --

Casement Window Manufacturers

Most major window manufacturers make a casement window, in one if not all of the models and series. Here are five very solid manufacturers that offer a quality casement window. The frame material is in parenthesis and the selections run from least expensive to most expensive. A general installed replacement window cost range is included for each.

Amerimax Aristocrat (Vinyl)
-- Price Range: $550 to $625 Installed --

Okna 500 Series (Vinyl) -
-- Price Range: $600 to $650 Installed --

Sunrise Restoration (Vinyl) -
-- Price Range: $650 to $700 Installed --

Marvin Infinity (Fiberglass) -
-- Price Range: $675 to $750 Installed --

Andersen 400 Series (Wood Clad) -
-- Price Range: $800 to $1,000 Installed --

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