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Schuco Windows Reviews

Read 5 Schuco windows reviews to from homeowners, installers and consumers to find out what they think of this window manufacturer.

Schuco started selling their windows in 1998 through a number of retail chains, reps and showrooms. The company stopped selling their windows on the residential market around 2008 when they decided that the U.S. was simply too difficult to compete in and not worth their effort.

Schuco windows are still in homes, but they are no longer available for purchase as residential replacement windows. This is particularly troublesome for anyone who purchased Schuco windows and thought they were getting a lifetime warranty on the vinyl frame, parts and components. Because the company closed up shop in the United States, there is no longer any remedy through the warranty for any defections that may occur or parts that may need to be ordered.

Schuco windows and the overall consumer frustration and anger at the company are a cautionary tale. Some of the frustration stems from the fact that when the company started selling their windows, the salespeople were touted these vinyl windows as the next great residential vinyl window. Fifteen years later, consumers are left in the lurch dealing with a product that has no warranty and no remedy for any problems that arise. Shameful.

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Not the Right Choice

After searching for windows recently, I was drawn to Schuco windows, they had such fantastic performance numbers. But once I had completed all my research, we went with another window company instead. There were just too many concerns when it came to these windows to take the risk. My biggest concern is that it appears Schuco only do commercial windows and stopped their residential products around five years ago, yet there is a distributor in Massachusetts that was trying to sell these to me. My biggest concern is that they would not honor the warranty if anything went wrong and to date I am still waiting for a copy of the warranty to read for myself, which was promised and never arrived. In addition to this I found they were very heavy and were going to be tiresome to open and close.

Trevor - Homeowner – 2012

Schuco Contractor Review

Schuco isn't a very well-known window manufacturer like Simonton, but in my personal opinion they are a great choice. I've worked with these windows on numerous occasions and never had a day's problem. They are a large worldwide manufacturers and have many years of industry knowledge and experience. They have fantastic energy efficiency numbers and their U-factor is 0.20, which is pretty good in my opinion. Their seals are second to none with thermoplastic glaze. They are a good quality window and the company also offers outstanding customer service. I would recommend these without hesitation.

Gerald – Window Installer – 2011

Schuco Window Complaint

I chose Schuco for our home windows about ten years ago. They were fantastic and we didn't have any problems until a few months ago. Our patio door latch broke and I've been trying ever since to find someone from Schuco to fix it. The office which was located close to my home has closed and I can't seem to find another branch that will help me. So much for my warranty, this is exceptionally poor service on their part.

Janie – Consumer – 2010

Thrilled with our Schuco Windows

I fell in love with Schuco when we installed them in our home that I even had them put into our lake house. Both homes enjoy lower energy costs because they seal so well. The one window did leak slightly after a major storm, but was fixed quickly. Schuco sent a contractor to the property and he re-caulked the problem windows and was gone within hours. I've had these windows for twelve years and wouldn't consider any other windows for my homes.

Candace – Consumer – 2009

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Be Aware

Last year Schuco in the USA was sold to Force V Environmental. Many customers are not aware of this, which means that there could be problems with existing warranties, because Force V Environmental are not obligated to honor any warranties sold under the Schuco name. Another concern of mine is that it's not a good economic climate and they haven't even opened their first plant, this makes me very wary when looking at the windows available. I am surprised to see these windows in my local window retailer, they don't have a reputation yet and are still a new company even though they were started by executives from Schuco. There are so many other options available and I would suggest any homeowner looking at Schuco do their homework before making any decisions.

Ben – Homeowner – 2009

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