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Company Information: As a vinyl extrusion company, our PVC window and door solutions are widely recognized on both continents as the A-list choice for discerning manufacturers, contractors, architects, developers and homeowners. A bold statement, yes, but REHAU’s uncompromising attention to perfection extends to every stage of the window and door ecosystem, including DESIGN, MATERIAL, EXTRUSION, TESTING, SERVICES and STYLE. While other companies do one or even two stages well, none deliver on ALL OF THEM with the same level of measurable quality and unwavering consistency as REHAU, starting with design. REHAU became one of the first companies to introduce welded vinyl window systems to North America in 1976, already having become a household name for value engineering throughout Europe. And while many early vinyl window builders sacrificed quality for price in the American market, REHAU never compromised, never stopped pushing design and engineering boundaries.

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Rehua Window Review

Hi, your website is AWESOME!!! I live at the beach in Milford, CT and need to replace all of my 29 windows, but need to do it in stages due to cost. Was hoping your good and great windows list could assist. Got quotes from Anderson (ridiculously priced), Advanced Window Systems (didn’t seem to be a well made window) and a European window company called RHEA in Darien,CT, but still searching for the right windows (quality vs. cost). Additionally, my 1400 sq ft home was built in the 1920s and was raised 5 years ago due to Hurricane Irene so not much is plumb- a knowledgeable installer is crucial- any recommendations there?


Cynthia - Homeowner - from 2022

[Website Editor Reply]

Cynthia, thanks for the kind words. So you have the right idea in today's priced climate that lots of bids gives you options and hopefully the best cost possibilities. Because companies are flushed with work, they are charging high prices and can get away with it. But not all companies are doing this -- so the more the better.

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Dane - Website Editor - from 2022

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