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Read 4 Mercury Excelum windows reviews from consumers and contractors on this Connecticut based company. The company sells three window series, including their entry level Thermo-Vyne, mid range Advantage, and high end Harmony. While the air infiltration numbers on the Thermo-Vyne and Advantage are not as impressive as I'd like to see, the .09 AI on the Harmony is good enough to consider this window as far as I'm concerned.

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Mercury EOS Series vs. ProVia Endure

Hey there, we have 5 windows to replace. The previous owners did most of them with Harvey Classics, which several companies around town have said aren't that great. Who knows, they are probably saying that about every window except the one they sell, right?

One sells the ProVia Endure, while another sells the Mercury EOS series. The Endure was $250 less than the Mercury bid.

Would love to hear you opinion on this.

Valerie - Homeowner - from 2018

[Website Editor Reply]

Valerie, the Harvey Classic is a decent mid range vinyl window. They are correct that the windows you mentioned are better quality in my opinion. This is especially true of the ProVia Endure, which is quite a nice unit. Same thing might be said of the Mercury EOS, but I don't hear about that window enough to give you a solid answer.

I'd stick with the ProVia Endure if it were me. I'd like to get my hands on the performance data of the Mercury EOS though to see how it stacks up against the competitors in the area.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

Mercury Excelum vs. Pella 250 Windows

Received your msg, forget Pella, took a second look, I'll pass. however do give me your opinion of Mercury Excelum. I've attached 2 PDFs with some specs, compare to American Craftsman or window world, OR Pella 250, but No installs. ME made nearby in Ct, can get at a local Non big box lumberyard, free delivery, and done business with 20 plus years, they recommend ME.

I'm installing the 11 windows myself, filling the cavities, caulking well, trimming the interior trim, and leaving the storm windows in place, so as not to change the looks of this huge house of 30 + windows, 3 stories high. You opinion is important to me that I make the correct choice. Thank You in advance.

Rick - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Rick, I agree that the Pella 250 vinyl window is probably one you should pass on. It just doesn't offer the quality that you should be looking for in a vinyl window.

American Craftsman is probably worse than Pella in terms of overall quality so let's toss that one as well. I know very little about the Mercury Excelum brand, but I did take a look at the brochure you included.

The 3/4 inch IG low-e double hung (40" by 63" test size) gets .27 u-value, .28 shgc, .52 VT, and a .04 air infiltration. These are good numbers. The company has been around since 1953, so they obviously make a product that contractors and builders have been using for decades. I can't speak to the individual parts because they aren't listed in the brochure.

The numbers for the Mercury Advantage series (I'm not quite sure if this a lower end series, their website is unclear on this point) were decidedly less impressive, particularly the .21 air infiltration. Anything above .15 causes me some concern. You are obviously limited in what you have access to as a DIYer and I think that the Mercury Excelum looks like a good choice -- I don't know what price you are getting, but if you have access to a vinyl window that is offering a .04 AI I think you should feel comfortable in terms of quality.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

Mercury Excelum Window Review

Hello Dane and Tim, First of all, thanks for all the great information on the web site. I have some questions about a project that we're about to undertake to replace windows in our home in Connecticut. We are replacing 18 horizontal sliding windows and one sliding glass door. The windows are aluminum and are original (1986) we think. We've gotten quotes from three different local companies all of whom have a really good reputation, and have narrowed it to two of them.

I found some good background information on PlyGem Pro on your site. I think I'd be comfortable going forward with them given the installer's skill but this is actually the higher of the two quotes so I would really like to compare the quality of the two windows being proposed. (I'm also going to ask the sales guy about the "Premium" series and see what he says.)

The other installer has been using Mercury Excelum exclusively for quite a few years. Mercury Excelum is actually a local manufacturer here in CT, but their web site is not up to date for the product we've been quoted ("Mercury Excelum EOS"). The only information on their website for the EOS product links to a brochure from a Belgian company called Deucinink, so I don't know if the company has been purchased or if the Belgian company just supplies the vinyl or extruding machines or what. I'm going to ask the installer about that too.

The generic information for Mercury Excelum EOS sounds pretty good as far as U-factor and non-conductive spacers. They also quote a DP rating of 50 (v. 30 for the PlyGem Pro) which I think means it should be better for air infiltration(?). Anyway, if there is any feedback you can give on the Mercury Excelum EOS or thoughts about the job in general I would really like to hear it. Thanks and Happy New Year in advance.

Rob - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

Rob, I have never heard of the Mercury Excelum EOS, so I can’t comment on this particular window. I did find some info on them that may help you find a few opinions on the quality of the product (although not many.) The company does list information on their three other vinyl window models so I would ask the rep to tell you which model the EOS is closest to.

The design pressure, or DP rating, does not necessarily correlate to air infiltration so you would have to look at these numbers independently of one another. The reference to Deucinink is one piece of the machinery on which the window is made. Deucinink does have an excellent reputation, but the parts and components used in the window manufacturing process is equally important.

Based on what I read, I would say the window is fairly solid, but not great. I might therefore put it equal with the Ply Gem Pro. Assuming this is true, I would then turn my attention to comparing the companies putting in the windows. The installation quality would be the difference in how well they perform over the next 20 years.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2016

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