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Encore Atrium Aluminum Windows

Hi Dane, I came across your website while looking for reviews on Atrium windows. We live in a 2 story home (built by Trendmaker in 2001) in the suburbs of Houston, TX and have a grand total of 38 windows we are looking to replace for the sole purpose of increasing energy efficiency. We have endured two meetings so far, the first with Renewal by Anderson whose quote of $130,000 had our minds blown, and not in a good way. The second was with a local company, Encore Windows, who sells several different name brand windows. Their quote was $43,000 for 38 double paned, low E4 aluminum windows by Atrium (375 series).

We decided to move forward with Encore. They have a lifetime guarantee on the product and installation (assuming they are around for a lifetime) and our meeting with Renewal by Anderson obviously made them look really good. While reading through your site and seeing that the average cost should be somewhere in the $650-$750 range with installation per window, it got me wondering if we are getting the wool pulled over our eyes & missing out on a better deal.

Houston is hot with high humidity and mild winters (for the most part). Our current windows are builder grade single pane aluminum with zero energy efficiency. We plan to be in this house for at least another 10-15 years & hope to improve on both our electric bill and the overall energy efficiency of our home by replacing the windows.

Can you A) make brand/model recommendations based on our criteria, B) tell me if the Atrium 375 series is a good choice for our home and C) let me know if we can get a better deal overall whether it be through a different vendor or brand?

It looks like it’s been awhile since the latest update on your website, so fingers crossed you are still around to answer some of my questions.

I sincerely appreciate your time!

Ashley - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Ashley, hi, yes that Renewal By Andersen bid probably took your breath away (you could buy a house for that kind of money!)

I went to the Encore website and find it interesting that they don't even mention that they sell Atrium windows -- they list Andersen, Marvin, Pella and Jeld Wen.

I'm not a big fan of Atrium; they are more of a builder grade window in my opinion. I sometimes recommend them for flips or rentals, but they wouldn't top my list for long term value (or really be anywhere close).

This is a big project and I would recommend that you get a few more bids and make sure that you re getting the most bang for your buck.

Don Young makes a good aluminum window. I'd start here and get a bid from them.

I would google "sunrise windows in your city and state" and see if any dealers carry Sunrise, which is a very good vinyl window. Same goes for Okna, but this might be a long shot in Texas. Also Zen windows, which sells relabeled Soft-Lite windows.

I'd might get a bid from an NT dealer on their Presidential series, and from Milgard on their Tuscany. These two vinyl windows are a bit lesser quality, but I would put them solidly above the Atrium single hung 375.

In terms of cost, it's tough to say, but the array of bids will eventually show you the fair market price. New construction windows can be expensive on the install side, depending on what needs to happen on the exterior.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2018

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