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LePage Windows Reviews And Prices

Read 4 LePage windows reviews from homeowners, installers and professional contractors who have worked with this Quebec headquartered window manufacturer in the past.

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LePage Windows vs Trimline

After a major fire I am replacing all double hung windows in a 1890 colonial revival. I am thinking about LePage or TrimLine Windows. Any thoughts in which might be better?

Anna - Homeowner - from 2015

[Editor Response]

Both Trimline and LePage are smaller operations, but each tends to be recognized as quality regional wood clad manufacturers. This is pretty impressive given the small number of wood manufacturers who have solid reputations for good contstruction and quality. However, I don't have enough experience with either to give you a good answer as to which is preferable.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2015

LePage Window Quality

Lepage windows are Canadian built according to Canadian standards and one of the results is that their sills run underneath the jambs, as opposed to being 45ed. When you 45 the jambs, you have to use sealant for the joints and sooner or later the sealant will fail and then you are in trouble. I think they're a well built window.

Dennis - Contractor - from 2012

Lepage Windows vs Eagle

Eagle Windows are much nicer than the LePage, which is IMO a decent and basic wood window.

Steve - Contractor - from 2011

LePage vs Marvin Windows

I've used Lepage windows on a project and I was pretty happy with how it turned out. We needed to get several window locks replaced, so the installer also did exterior trim work and the price was still under the Marvin Ultimate cost. We are happy with the windows and felt like we got a good price.

Rog - Installer - from 2010

LePage Windows vs Marvin

I agree that Lepage maeks a good but basic window. Our team worked with them last fall on a project. I felt like the sash joinery was not quite as tight as the Marvin, the locking mechanism was not quite as slick as what they use on the Ultimate and the coat of prime was a bit rough. We had both double hungs and casements, both of which were very heavy. Also, the window was a beast, quite heavy. Besides these little gripes though, they looked and operated well.

Brian - Installer - from 2010

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