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Simonton 6500 Windows Reviews And Prices

The Simonton 6500 Series iExplore Simonton 6500 windows reviews, ratings, and prices to explore whether the VantagePointe series is right for you. In addition to the 6500, the series is also available in the 6100 and 6300 (the 6100 series has the least options, colors, and glass package, while the 6300 is in between the 6500 and 6100).

The VantagePointe is sold exclusively at Home Depot. In truth, the VantagePointe is very similar to the Simonton Reflections 5500 series (also available as the 5100 and 5300). It is fairly common for window companies to make a specific model names for their larger distributors such as HD. (Home Depot Windows Reviews)

6500 Window Specifics: The 6500 is available as a double hung, awning or casement, bay or bow, slider or fixed frame, as well as a garden window and in a few specialty shapes. Standard components and features include dual air locks, tilt latches, coil balance, extruded lift rails, and a beveled sash. The window is available in three standard colors (white, tan, and driftwood), as well as a number of custom wood-grain interior color options (maple, oak cherry, and dark wood), and custom exterior colors (cream, brick, pine, chocolate, bronze, and black]). Click to explore additional vinyl replacement windows with a wood grain interior.

Are Simonton 6500 Windows Any Good? I would say the VantagePoint is a good window, but it also doesn't make my best vinyl windows list. The bottom line is this: it's a strong buy given the right price point and given quality installation (which Home Depot does not always provide so do be aware of this).
I would give the Simonton 6500 VantagePointe a 4.3 out of 5 stars rating.

Dane - Site Editor - Page Last Updated: February 28, 2024

"The VantagePointe series is a nice option from Home Depot. It is a quality window that can be ordered with in a wood grain interior laminate - this gives you the benefits of vinyl windows with the look of real wood."

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Simonton 6500 Windows Cost

We have 17 double hungs, sized 32x48 and upgraded to a brush nickel on the hardware.

Simonton 6500 - $20,400
Soft-lite Imperial LS - $21,800
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Bobby - Homeowner - from 2024

DIY Window Replacement Cost

Hi Dane, thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I am on the side of self-install. Because this is an investment property. And being self-employed, I have the free time to perform the work.

I've gotten quotes from several local businesses for full service install and they range in price from $5900 to $12k. I budgeted $300 per window which is 100% more than the windows I saw on sale when I bought the property 1.5 years ago. (but wasn' ready for windows yet.) This is for 11 windows by the way.

Mike - Homeowner - from 2024

[Site Editor's Answer]

Mike, if you are going self install, I would do the tour of Home Depot, Dixieline, Lowes etc. and check out what is available. The Simonton 6500 VantagePointe is a good window. That might be my pick. The Milgard Tuscany<> or Trinsic is also a good mid range option.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2024

Simonton 6500 Windows Reviews

Hi Dane. We have single pane wood windows that are falling out of their frames. We have 40 windows in total and quite a number of them are very large. These are the price quotes we received.

Window Source - $38K
Provia Endure Series - $35k
Simonton 6500 - $35K
Window World Prices (3000 Series) - $31K

Robert - Homeowner - from 2023

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