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ViWinTech Windows Reviews

Read 2023 ViWinTech Windows reviews on this Paducah, Kentucky based window manufacturer.

Company Information: The company technically started in the early 50s under the name AlumaKraft. During the 80s, the company moved into the vinyl business and in 1998, they adopted the name Viwintec. The company specializes in both replacement doors and windows.

In terms of windows, their replacement options include the 1000, 2000, 6000 series, as well as bay and bows, casements and awnings, and garden windows. On the new construction front, their series include the 1500 and 2100 models, as well as bay and bows, casements and awnings, and garden windows. The company also sells an impact window in the Shoreline series.

ViWinTech Windows And Doors get a 4.2 out of 5 stars based on 12 ViWinTech Windows reviews below.

Dane - Site Editor - Page Updated In November, 2023

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Viwintech Windows Reviews :: 6000 Series

The 6000 series is the company's premium replacement window. It comes standard with double strength glass, a warm edge SuperSpacer, a 3.25" depth frame, composite cam locks, and an extruded BetterVue screen. The series can be ordered as a double hung, picture, two or three lite slider, as well as a number of geometric shapes. I might rate the 6000 series a 7 out of 10 when compared with other vinyl window series.

Dane - Site Editor

Viwintech Windows Reviews

Hi Dane, I recently got a bid on the Viwintech windows on their premium series - don't remember what it's called. I can’t remember what the per window cost ended up being, but it was pretty fair compared to the other bids that I’ve gotten. How would you rate the Viwintech against Amsco on what I believe is there mid range window series - the quotes were very similar, and I got a good feeling from both of the sales people. Of course, they both said that their windows were much better than the other. I feel like there’s not much difference between the two, but what do i know? The Amsco bid was on the restorations series. Do you know much about this?

Becky - Homeowner - from 2023

[Site Editor's Answer]

Hi Becky, I think you’re correct that from a brand perspective that the Viwintech and Amsco are on par with one another. (Read all of our Amsco Windows reviews.) I think if I had to handicap it, I would give the nod to the Viwintech. I definitely like their impact windows, although I will say, Amsco doesn’t really make an impact window so far as I can tell. I think I would make this call based on the reviews and ratings of the installation companies over the windows themselves.

I think this is a better way to judge the overall quality you’re going to receive over the windows themselves. I would say both are solid mid range vinyl options. Let me know what you come up with and I’d love to see the bids themselves and I think this would give me a little more insight and a little better ability to make the call between these two very equal brands.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2023

ViWintech Windows Reviews 2000 Series

Hi Dane, it looks like there's no link to your 2023 review for ViWintech.

We are trying to make a decision on ViWintech - not sure series- maybe 2000, based on a review of yours vs. Andersen 100's for our new construction.

Our contractor says ViWintech is much easier to measure and prep in framing with clear inches instead of funky measurements for Andersen, but, I'm more familiar with Andersen's, having used their 400 wood series in my previous home. However, I just can't afford them at this point. Andersen Windows Cost

SO, I would love to read your review of ViWintech to try and decide what our best option is. I wouldn't mind your opinion on the matter either.

Thanks, Dane! Glad I found your website!

Elizabeth - Homeowner - from 2023

[Site Editor's Answer]

Elizabeth, I just haven't gotten around to a write up yet ViWinTech. They make a solid product though - I'd stick with their higher end series myself, I can't remember what this is. I love the fact that your contractor knows the window and likes it. That's important. If you trust him and he likes and knows a window, that can help avoid dumb errors. I say go for it!

Dane - Site Editor - from 2023

ViWinTech Windows Reviews vs ProVia

Dave, I really appreciate all the feedback and help! I have Johnson County Siding and Window coming out this Friday for an estimate. They have ProVia and I have specifically asked about a quote on those. Interestingly enough the place that provided the ViWinTech window quote has ProVia listed as one of their windows as well but didn't give me a quote for it even though I asked. ProVia Windows Reviews

Honestly I think they are wanting to sell me a window they can make the most profit on and that is why I started scheduling additional estimates. I called a few ProVia dealers after he came by and before receiving the estimate just to check on what he was saying seemed correct (because it didn't). I got a replacement window quote for a Provia Endure for 1500.00 which seems less than those ViWinTech that were quoted.

I will certainly let you know what my next estimates come out to be.

Ed - Homeowner - from 2022

[Website Editor Reply]

Ed, the ProVia Endure is better than anything ViWinTech makes. $1500 per window is still expensive -- unless there is additional work that needs to be done to your windows and/or frames. Get the bid and let me know what it comes out to and then let's compare.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2022

Viwintech Shoreline Coastal Series Question

Hello Dane, how's it going? I had a question in regards to shoreline series.

1. Are these made by Viwintech?

2. Are these made to be installed in a frame construction home only or can they be installed in a CBS home as well?

Thank you very much for your time. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Feel free to call/text me anytime.

John - Homeowner - from 2022

[Website Editor Reply]

John, yes Viwintech makes the Shoreline Coastal series. And to be honest, I don't know if they can be concrete block structure -- you would have to talk with the dealer for specific installation information -- but they should have this on lock since they sell the window day in and day out. I apologize that I don't know, but I would love to know the answer if you do find it out.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2022

ViWintech Shoreline 3100 vs. Simonton Stormbreaker Plus

Owned 8 houses in my lifetime working throughout USA, the last possible the worst vinyl windows etc even though built at turn of the century. Budget Max $5k installed 28 windows, require impact glass according to code, and the noise reductio in my neighborhood is the big plus for su. What would you recommend. Live in Mobile AL. many pushing ViWintech Shoreline 3100 series as this other younger outfit New South windows (FL).

Also saw the Simonton Stormbreaker Plus side by side to a Shoreline Series product and thought the quality of Shoreline better for I also though the Simonton odd release levers had cheap feel to them. Of course all preach that their windows are the best Longest lasting vinyl impact made.

Peter - Homeowner - from 2022

[Website Editor Reply]

Peter, you might be hard pressed to find lots of options in your neck of the woods, but it sounds like you have two decent options already. The ViWintech Shoreline 3100 series is a solid window — often fairly priced and a good performer. The Simonton Stormbreaker Plus is probably in that same category. I might give the nod to the Simonton option but not by much. Other options might include CWS and PGT — but these will probably be more expensive.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2022

Viwintech Shoreline vs. Custom Window Systems Stormstrong

Hello Dane, I recently received two quotes from Lipton for replacing the windows in my home to impact rated. They are; Stormstrong by Custom Window Systems and Shoreline by Viwintech. My home is in I dian Rocks Beach, Fl. What is your recommendation? Regards.

Grace - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Grace, I don't think I have a preference between these two products. I know the Viwintech Shoreline and think it's a good product, I've never actually see the StormStrong by CWS. Lipton Windows gets excellent reviews so I would use them as a trusted source and ask them which of these impact windows they would use in their own homes if the decision was theirs to make.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2021

ViWinTech Windows vs. Sunrise

Are you familiar with WinTec windows out of Arkansas and how would they compare to sunrise replacements as far as pricing and quality? I’m in North West Louisiana and currently have old style double hung wood windows.

Jean - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Jean, I know of ViWinTech. They would be a step lower than a Sunrise window, which I consider one of the better made vinyl window options out there. Sunrise will often be more expensive as well over a comparable series from ViWintech.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2021

ViWinTech 2000 Windows

We were given a price for Vinylmax Edison windows then when contractor came out to measure our windows he said we should go with ViWinTech 2000. Can you tell me which window is the better or are they about the same? Also if pretty much the same is one easier to install?

Clara - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Clara, I don't know enough about the ViWinTech 2000 to make the head to head comparison. I would feel more comfortable with the Vinylmax Edison, but that's just because I know it a bit better. Installation should be very similar. If you trust the contractor, you might want to trust his judgement -- I wish I had something more specific for you...

Dane - Site Editor - from 2021

ViWinTech Windows Reviews Shoreline 3100 Series

Hi Dane, I am considering having the windows in my place replaced with Viwintech Shoreline 3100 series. I liked the owner of VIP Home Improvement that came out and she quoted that window.



I am wondering if they are Miami Dade approved and if they are a good window. I am not looking for the best because of price but a good middle ground. We live on Space Coast in Melbourne Florida.

I also had her quote Simonton Stormbreaker Plus windows which came in a lot more pricier than I thought they would an extra $3,028 and $5,014 = $34,150

I was wondering your thoughts. I am so over whelmed with all the different windows and all the mixed reviews of them, they all have good and bad. As stated before I am looking for a good middle $ windows.


Kriste - Homeowner - from 2020

[Website Editor Reply]

Kriste, I actually don't know much about the Viwintech Shoreline 3100 series. I feel like if it's like their other products, it's a decent mid range impact window.Not the best, but a solid product overall. Their impact windows should be Miami-Dade approved, but the dealer should have that info on lock since they install them all the time.

The price quote on the Stormbreaker sounds very high to me. Hurricane Impact Windows Cost Calculator

I think you do need more bids to put the two you have into perspective. If this were my project, I'd get a bid from PGT and Custom Window Systems on their vinyl impact windows. These four bids should give you enough information to make an informed decision.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2020

Viwintech 6000 vs. Composite Primax

Hello Dane, we put in Andersen Double hung windows when we built our house in 1984. Now the windows on the south side are failing and I’m trying to decide what’s best for me and my house.

I got an estimate from an Andersen dealer but the guy who measured my replacement windows priced ViWinTech 6000 replacements with grills/full screen/white/2-layer low E/Argon/Foam Wrap/ glass breakage warranty for $854.18 for 3 windows only. He said I’d save money by hiring my own installers since his business is about 45 miles away and they hire third party installers anyway. I did check with a guy who’s done work on my house before and he said installation would average $100.00 per window.

I set up an appointment with a Compozit rep who came and demonstrated their Primax Compzit which impressed me. His final price for my whole house with 9 regular double hungs and 4 big cottage style windows was $14,375. This is considerably higher than the other estimate per window. I first signed a deal with this company but then noticed that the pricing and credits didn’t add up, so I talked with their office and then the rep again. Long story short, I canceled this deal.

I know Window World serves my area but I haven’t talked with them yet. There are so many ways to do this it’s giving me a headache! Please advise.

Marta - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Marta, yes replacement window series can be a confusing process to be sure. The Compozit option looks way to expensive. I’ve never heard of them, but I looked at their website and their vinyl series look pretty generic. I personally would avoid Window World unless your local branch gets amazing reviews. Their windows are pretty generic also, but relatively cheap.

The Viwintech 6000 is the company’s high end vinyl window, although I would say its a decent middle of the road vinyl window. Now this is okay if you couple it with good quality installation. So the $300 per window, plus the $100 installation cost gets your to $400 per window fully installed. That’s a solid price for a good mid range vinyl window. If you trust your installer, then I’d say this is a very solid option.

The other thing you could do is check to see if you could buy a good quality Simonton window. Their mid range options are probably on par with the Viwintech 6000. Simonton makes a good solid vinyl window as well — nothing fancy, but a reliable investment given quality installation.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2019

ViWinTech 6000 vs. Atrium 8300

I have 14 windows to replace and two quotes thus far. The first is with the Atrium 8300 windows. Price is $6986, which seems a bit high for a just okay window.

The second is with the ViWinTech 6000 series. Price is $4800. This seems like a better price.

I need a decent window, but not the best. Which one do you like of these two?

Thanks for your time and effort.

Phil - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Phil, those prices are decent enough, but neither of these is really what I'd call a high quality unit. I'd go with the ViWintech all things being equal but I'd look for a PlyGem or a Simonton distributor near you for a couple more bids. Ply Gem Windows Reviews

Dane - Site Editor - from 2019

[Phil's Reply]

Dane, thanks for the great information. I've found a local Simonton distributor for $475 per unit.

Phil - Homeowner - from 2019

Viwintech 6000 Windows

We are looking to replace 23 windows on an older home. We really like the rep and the sample of the Viwintech 6000. I can’t find any real information. A few neg reviews from sometime ago on BBB... can you shed any light on this product or company? Thank you in advance.

Tim - Homeowner - from 2018

[Website Editor Reply]

Tim, there is quite a bit of information on the Viwintech 6000 series on the company's website. I would say the 6000 is a decent mid range vinyl window. It's not a world beater by any means, but it's got decent numbers (check out their spec sheet).

I think if you are getting quality installation and a good price point, than the Viwintech 6000 is a decent enough window in that mid range price point.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

ViWinTech vs Simonton

Hello Tim, I plan on replacing several units in my mother's home in Seminole, FL. I will try and be brief. I have 2 quotes from reputable installers. Simonton Plus Series installed is $800.00 more than the ViWinTech Shoreline 3100 Series. Same amoun in each quote. The home is a 1200sf ranch. If the difference between the models is negligible, I would prefer to save the $800.00. How much quality will I be giving up by going with the lower quoted Shoreline Series?

Tom - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Tom, I'm going to assume that the Simonton Plus you referred to is the Simonton Stormbreaker Plus window. The Stormbreaker is a good window for coastal applications. I don't know a ton about ViWinTech, but I know their reputation is sort of run-of-the-mill, I haven't heard contractors really extol their vinyl window series. If it were me, I would absolutely go with the Simonton Stormbreaker and fork out the extra $800. You will likely save a lot more than this in the long run.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

ViwinTech vs Sun

I'm replacing some windows in my home soon, and I heard about Sun windows and decided to look into them. They're been around for 30 years, and are based in Owensboro, Kentucky. That's about all the info there is on them. It's hard to imagine a company around that long, and there's no solid information on the web. I guess that means people are reasonable satisfied, because people who are mad usually complain. I'm looking at the DH54, but I've also gotten a quote on ViWinTech cs6000. The ViWinTech is a little more expensive but comes with aluminum screens, and their lifetime warranty includes 3 years of glass breakage. I wish there was more info about Sun online.

Roger - Homeowner - from 2010

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