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Editor's Nor'easter Windows Reviews And Prices

Nor'easter Windows are with Portland Glass, a subsidiary of Neighborly. Nor'easter Windows are headquartered in Maine and Massachusetts. Besides this information, I know very little about this company, but will be sure to update this page as more information becomes available.

Nor'easter Windows gets a 3.5 out of 5 stars based on 1 Nor'easter windows reviews below.

Dane - Site Editor - Updated In 2024

Nor'Easter Windows Price Quote

Thank you for a quick reply. I'll look into this. One quote was from Portland Glass with their Nor'Easter windows. Couldn't find much about them. One small hopper (31.98 x 12.75)installed for $804. The American Craftsman would be installed by a neighbor who does this for work at half the cost. I wonder if the American Craftsman would be good enough for the cellar? Most of these companies listed are not in my area or state.(Maine). Right now I'm debating between the two listed above. Thanks again.

Diane - Homeowner - from 2023

[Site Editor's Answer]

Diane, really anything is going to be better than the American Cratfsman. $804 for a small hopper is pricey...I think you might be better off going with your neighbor (if you know he does good work) but see if he can get access to a Simonton window from one of the big box stores. As a brand, the Simonton or like a Ply Gem is going to be a but bet than the American Craftsman...

Dane - Site Editor - from 2023

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