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Beechworth Windows Reviews And Prices

Explore Beechworth Windows reviews from homeowners and contractors on this fiberglass window from James Hardie.

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Editor's Beechworth Windows Review

Beechworth Windows are based out of Chicago, Illinois and manufacturers fiberglass windows and doors. The company is owned by James Hardie, who are best known for fiber cement house siding. Are Beechworth windows good? I'm not sure I'm sold yet on these rather expensive fiberglass windows.

Beechworth Windows gets a 3.9 out of 5 stars based on 3 Beechworth windows reviews below.

Dane - Site Editor - Updated In 2024

Beechworth Windows Prices

Below are three emails after a quote from Lakeside Ext. (MO) for Beechworth windows. 13 double-hung and 2 casement. Your thoughts please? Many thanks!

1 - Crazy money for a window with really no track record to back-up that top-tier price. $21,725 net / 15 windows = $1448 each. I am confident that I can find a quality window for less money. Hardie and maybe Lakeside must love themselves so much that their reputation justifies the price? I'm "somewhat sure" Beechworth is a good window, but not $1400+ sure. Maybe it justifies the pompous sounding Beechworth name by charging top-tier prices?

And that 25% discount is just more of the old "mark up to mark down" game...but many suckers believe that. So you use it. (Full price $28,967 / 15 = $1931 is a full load of crap and you know it.) Ha, at that full price they would need to be dipped in gold and a "Beechworth" tech would fully inspect each window every darn day for the next 30 years. Your full price = full of...

I was expecting maybe $700 to $900 for fiberglass windows from a siding company. I'm wrong again. I know I have a lot to learn. I know I have a lot to be super careful about buying from your industry. Many crooks and tons of BS."


2 - I'm sorry you feel I wasted your time. I can't do much about the price. I tried to be very respectable to you at your home the other day and let you vent on me about the problems you had with the other company. Lakeside is a good company and we have good people working for us and pay them well and offer them good benefits, which is why our labor pricing can be higher than some companies, especially fly by night companies of whom you have had experience with.

Yes, Beechworth is a high end window, more comparable with the Andersens and Pellas of the world. I could have gotten you a quote on a vinyl window for about half the price, but you said you didn't want that.

I tried to be very responsive to your request by getting you a quote as soon as I could. I'm sorry the pricing for this window was higher than you want to pay, but that should not reflect negatively on me as a representative or on Lakeside as a company.


3 - NO problem with you, sir. The problem is an over-priced window priced by Lakeside. The problem is a "mark-up to markdown game" that I don't appreciate. The problem...Lakeside. The problem with my $1000 window that I vented about here...the company.

You just stated, ..."good people working for us and pay them well and offer them good benefits, which is why our labor pricing can be higher..." Well, you told me directly that Lakeside uses subs for window install. Careful there, you can't have it both ways. A sub is not an employee with benefits. You can now remove your foot from your mouth.

You also stated, ..."vinyl window for about half the price...". Okay, that's say $724 each. I can easily beat that number too on a vinyl.

Fiberglass or vinyl. I have a pretty good understanding of Lakeside now.

Shelby - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Shelby, $1400 is an astronomical amount of money to be shelling out for a normal window. I would suggest turning your attention elsewhere, which it sounds like you already have. One option for fiberglass windows is Marvin, which is a well respected manufacturer and makes the Infinity (this should be in that $800 to $900 range fully installed).

One additional company you may to take a look at is Enerlux Windows out of Nebraska. They offer some great fiberglass windows that I believe are less expensive than Marvin and get excellent performance. The only issue with these guys is finding a local installer. Google them, call them up and ask them if you can purchase directly from them (assuming you like the look of the window, I know you will like the performance), then find a well respected and well reviewed local installer to do the work.

The other option is to go with a high end vinyl window like a Sunrise, Okna or Soft-Lite. Performance wise, their premium vinyl windows are going to offer better or lower numbers than the Marvin Infinity and will certainly be in this same price range. The other really cool thing about the vinyl companies I mentioned is the newer interior laminate wood grains that they offer. These look like wood windows, but they don't require any of the maintenance of wood windows and carry a lifetime warranty. If nothing else, you should check them out and see what you think of the overall look.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2016

Beechworth Windows vs Marvin Windows

We are replacing four palladian windows measuring 38x90. They are going to be picture windows. Prices range from $1700 to $3500 per window.

Verde's window is all vinyl, Beechworth fiberglass windows are fiberglass on the outside, wood inside and Marvin's aluminum clad outside and wood inside. What is your opinion of these three windows?

Janet - Homeowner - from 2015

[Site Editor's Response]

Janet, thanks for the quaestion, you have some interesting and solid options on the table. Here is my take.

The Sunrise Verde window is a quality vinyl replacement and one that I would recommend in terms of performance and strength. Of course, vinyl windows are not nearly as attractive as wood windows, but they require no maintenance, have a better warranty and will often hold up over time better than the wood options. If you are going with a white or color interior (where the wood grain and texture won't be seen), then vinyl should get the nod over the real wood options.

I know very little about Beechworth windows, except that they are manufactured by James Hardie, who is the largest manufacturer of fiber cement siding in the world. I liked many of the features that I saw on the website, but this doesn't really tells us much about the quality of the extrusion and construction. There is a mixed history when it comes to building companies getting into the replacement and new construction window industry so I have some trepidation recommending a window that I know nothing about. I would say that you need to rely on your contractor/installer that they feel comfortable with the quality of the Beechworth fiberglass window and have a good relationship with Hardie should something go wrong with the order or with the windows down the road.

Marvin fiberglass windows are quite good and since you mentioned that you are looking at a real wood interior, I assumer you are looking at the Integrity Series, which is the less expensive and slightly less well built option compared to the Infinity model. The Integrity is a decent fiberglass window, but I would suggest you take a look at the Infininty with the faux-wood interior. It's pretty darn real looking (even from close up) and you get the look of wood, without all of the headaches that come with it. The warranty from Marvin isn't spectacular and won't compare with the Sunrise window warranty, but with the advances that they have made with the faux-wood, I think it's one you should take a look at!

Dane - Site Editor - from 2015

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