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Gienow Windows Reviews And Prices

Read Gienow windows reviews from consumers who have purchased and used this company's products in the past. The company was acquired by Ply Gem back in 2013. ( Ply Gem Windows Reviews )

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Gienow Window Review

We bought Gienow windows and doors for our whole home. The service was great, and the windows seem to be a good quality product. The exterior doors are another story, just terrible. They seem so cheap it's hard to believe they come from the same company. Brad - Consumer - from 2012

Issues With The Glass

We built our home new 12 years ago and installed Sol-R Shield windows. The material in between the panes has broken down somehow, and there are very noticeable streaks that look horrible. We are getting ready to sell the house, and it's going to cost us thousands of dollars to replace the glass. They are supposed to still be under warranty for defects, but it's hard to even get someone to talk to you. I would never recommend anyone using these windows. Dorothy - Consumer - from 2011

Good Customer Service

The glass in one of our windows cracked so I called the customer service department at Gienow. I didn't have any of my paperwork, but they were able to pull up my information in their computer so I didn't have to measure or anything. They sent someone out 10 days later and he had the new window installed less than an hour later. They were very nice and very efficient. Sally - Consumer in Edmonton - from 2012

Gienow Windows and Doors

Gienow Windows and Doors are very close to my home and have been around a while. I like to support local companies when I can, so I looked into them and I asked around. I haven't heard any complaints, and my SIP supplier recommended them. I don't have my final quote but they seem to be around the same ballpark as Jeldwen, maybe a little bit more for the metal clad wood. I think they seem like a good deal. Sean - Consumer - from 2012

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