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Andersen 400 Series Windows Reviews And Prices

The Andersen 400 wood clad window is the flagship series from Andersen, arguably the most popular window brands/companies in the United States. The 400 series is quite a step up over the 200 series in that it offers loads more design features and customization options. It is also considerably more expensive over the "entry level wood clad" 200 series.

Andersen 400 Series Cost: $$$$$
(Most Expensive)

Model Options: It can be ordered in two different designs, either the Woodwright or the Tilt-Wash. Mot industry experts like the Woodwright model over the Tilt-Wash due to the design and material upgrade on the sash. Of course, some consumers really love the idea of a tilt wash window and this is certainly understandable.

Series Details: The 400 series has an exterior vinyl cladding that can be ordered in 7 exterior colors (white, canvas, sandtone, terratone, forrest green, dark bronze, and black). The interior is real wood that comes in the following options: pine, maple, oak, or white. It can be ordered as a double hung, casement, awning, sliding or gliding, fixed frame, as well as several specialty shapes. The window can be ordered in four different glass options: the normal low-e glass, the Sun, the Low-e 4, and the Smart Sun package.

"The 400 offers loads more design features and customization options over the 200 series wood clad...but it is also considerably more expensive. It's one of the nicest wood clad options out there as far as I am concerned."

Performance Numbers: The 400 series has pretty good numbers for a wood clad window: U-value of .27, solar heat gain coefficient of .21 and a visible transmittance of .49 - although these numbers are going to differ by the style of window and the glass package you select.

Andersen 400 Series Rank: 1st or 2nd
(Wood Windows)

Warranty: The 400 series warranty is 20 years on the glass and 10 years on all non-glass parts. This is a pretty bad warranty as far as I'm concerned.

Dane - Site Editor - Page Updated in December, 2023

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Anderson 400 Series Windows Reviews

Hi Dane, I have two window quotes and I would love to get your opinion on both of them. The first is on the Anderson 400 series. I really like the look of this window and it seems to get very good online reviews. My question is, is it worth $2000 more than the Marvin ultimate series. This is for 11 openings. So obviously, my other bid is on the Marvin Ultimate. I would love to save the money, but I’m more interested in getting a high-performing wood clad window. Thanks so much and I love your site. I intend to fill out the form if one of these two bids doesn’t work out for me.

Joni - Homeowner - from 2023

[Site Editor's Answer]

Joni, thank you for the question. In terms of wood clad, you couldn’t have picked two better options. Both the Anderson 400 series, especially in the woodwright model, is a favorite of mine. However, the Marvin ultimate is also a great looking window and good performer. I say good because wood clad simply can’t compete with high-quality fiberglass or the best vinyl windows out there. Lots of consumers think that vinyl windows are junk, but the really well-made options blow the doors off of most, if not all, wood clad windows.

For me, wood windows are all about how they look. The overal quality and craftsmanship of both of these series is, in my opinion, equal to one another. If this were my project, I would base my decision on which window I liked the look of more. I don’t think that $200 more per window or whatever it breaks down to should be the difference maker here. I would go with what I like the most and I would look at the online reviews of the two companies doing the installation. This would be the other big factor for me.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2023

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