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Explore Traco Windows reviews on this now defunct window company that sold the Sienna, Sienna Select, and Sienna Elite vinyl window series.

Company Information: Traco Windows began back in the 1940s as Three Rivers Aluminum Company. The company was headquartered in Cranberry, Pennsylvania and focused their efforts on manufacturing aluminum windows/door (all the rage back then). Traco sold and marketed their windows/doors to both commercial and residential markets.

Prior to 2008, Traco was a fairly well known and respected window manufacturer. Then, either due to the market downturn or poor business management (I was not privy to the inner workings of the company), they were forced to declare bankruptcy. The company sold the commercial side of their business to Kawneer, a large building and construction company that focuses on commercial projects.

What They Sold: The company was known for the Sienna, Sienna Select, and Sienna Elite window series. They were considered quality vinyl windows at the time.

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"The company replaced the windows/glass in the crown of the Statue of Liberty. Kind of a cool legacy. However, if you bought their windows and they are now failing, then that legacy is decidedly NOT COOL."

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Traco Windows Class Action Lawsuit

So far as I can tell, there was never a class action lawsuit against the company. It's difficult to sue a company that dissolves itself through bankruptcy. Welcome to the American marketplace where the little guy often gets the short end of the stick. We will track any Traco Windows Class Action Lawsuits that might arise, but we couldn't find any.

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If you have a Traco review to add to our site, please send us an email and we will be sure to post your comments, questions, etc.

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Traco Windows Reviews

I could use your help!!!! I have Traco windows and the repair guy is LYING to me about your products in my home that he was replacing but let 3 totally ruined!!!!

Laurie - Homeowner - from 2023

[Site Editor's Answer]

How can I help Laurie - with Traco out of business, you might have a hard/impossible time getting any warranty relief. I wish I wasn't the one who had to tell you this :(

Dane - Site Editor - from 2023

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