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IWC Windows Review

I had IWC windows installed in my home in 2003 and now two of them developed a leak so that moisture is accumulating between the panes. When I called the company that installed them, and later IWC HQ I was informed that the "Lifetime Guarantee" was voided by the bankruptcy settlement in 2011. If considering these windows you might want to check the company's financial well being before purchasing .

Jeff - Homeowner - from 2014

IWC Aluminum Windows

I've sold a lot of windows, many of then IWC. My only real problem with them is they're aluminum. They are cheaper windows made out of materials that are better in terms of energy efficiency and environmental impact. That said, it doesn't matter anymore since they have closed down.

Shawn - Contractor - from 2011

Consumer Opinion On IWC

I bought my windows from IWC and I've been very satisfied. The two features I liked that even Milgard didn't offer was a white interior and a thermal break. My patio door could be a little better, in a strong wind there is some air leakage, but I'm still glad I chose them over Milgard.

Brian - Homeowner - from 2010

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