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Seaway Windows Reviews And Prices

Explore Seaway Windows reviews from our editors, consumers and contractors on their most popular products, including the Encore and Ovation vinyl window series. Explore Seaway window prices on these models, as well as warranty information.

Company Information: Seaway is a Pennsylvania based company and more of a regional manufacturer than a national manufacturer (this isn't necessarily bad or good, just a fact.) They manufacture two vinyl replacement window lines, the Encore and the Ovation. Both the Encore and Ovation vinyl windows offer some nice features, with the upgraded Ovation offering several upgrades and options not available on the Encore.

What They Sell: The Ovation window is a good vinyl window, probably comparable to the mid range model from Okna, Sunrise and Polaris. They should be priced pretty comparably to these windows, if not 10% to 15% less because they don't have the same name and brand recognition as these other companies. The Seaway window warranty is very solid (you can read more about it on our pricing page) and should give consumers nice piece of mind.

Bottom Line: The big question for consumers ought to always be the quality of the installation, which is a whole different ball of wax than the window itself. Consumers need to get several bids and do a thorough comparison of both the windows and the installers who will be performing the actual work. Seaway gets the thumbs up from us, assuming a fair price point (see below for some past customer examples) and quality installation.

Company Rating:Seaway gets a 4.3 out of 5 stars based on 12 consumer reviews below.

Dane - Site Editor - Page Last Updated: March 9, 2024

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Seaway Windows Reviews

How would you compare Seaway to a Zen Nirvana. I have quotes from both; $725 for the Signature Gold from Seaway compared with $675 for the Nirvana from Zen - more on Zen windows prices.

Daryl - Homeowner - from 2023

[Website Editor Reply]

Daryl, I'm not as knowledgeable about Seaway, but Zen I would say makes the better window of the two. The better Seaway window is the Ovation series so if you went with this one I would say it was comparable to the Zen Nirvana. The Zen Nirvana is obviously quite a bit more than Seaway so you're going to have to factor that in as well.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2023

Seaway Encore Window Review

We have Seaway Encore windows, the first five years they seemed to be okay, but for the past two years we have had ice inside of the windows and our life style and heat is the same, I have lived in houses with single panes and never had this problem. Can you shed some light on this problem?

Mary - Homeowner - from 2022

[Site Editor's Response]

Mary, if the condensation is on the inside of the inner pane then this is simply due to the fact that your house is much warmer than the outside air. Condensation forms on windows because the surface of the window glass has the lowest temperature of anything found on your exterior walls. It's interesting that it didn't happen for the first 5 years. In general, Seaway vinyl windows are considered a good quality company and product.

If the window condensation is inside of the double pane glass - between the panes - then you have a problem. I would suggest you take a picture with your smartphone and send it to either whoever installed your windows or to the company itself. They should be able to tell you if it's simply a temperature issue or something more serious. If it is between the panes, the company should replace the windows - you will typically have to pay for the removal and installation, unfortunately.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2021

Seaway Ovation Windows Reviews

My wife and I have an older place in Michigan and we need replacement windows. We did a tour of the Seaway factory in Eerie and I was impressed (only factory I've ever been to so not much to compare it to). The place was very modern looking and did a good job of showcasing the windows and color options. They were a professional bunch and (according to them) the installers take alot of pride in getting their work done to a tee. They had good references and I think we will use them.

[Update: 6 Months Later]

Our windows are in and we couldn't be happier with them. The first storm of the season hit last week and no issues. The installers did a good job and the windows look great. I was pleasantly surprised that everything went as well as it did.

Geoff – Homeowner – from 2020

Seaway Windows Reviews

I have project bids from Sunrise and Seaway and the price per window is only like $50 difference, the Sunrise being more expensive. However, I feel like the Seaway warranty is better so it makes it a tough choice. Any input on these companies?

Brenda - Homeowner - from 2019

[Contractor's Response]

Sunrise makes some very nice windows and for my money is one of the top 3 or 4 vinyl window manufacturers in the field. I'm not very familiar with the Seaway products, but I did visit the website and I was impressed with the list of features and the performance numbers on the Ovation.

However, I will say that the numbers were based on a triple pane glass so I would be interested to know how the standard double hung with dual pane and argon fills fare, this would be a more fair set of numbers to put on the site. I think if you get a good bid from them and feel better about their installers than the Sunrise dealer, go with them. If not, stick with the tried and true and go with the Sunrise.

Scot C. - Contractor - from 2019

Seaway Encore Windows Review

I live in Virginia and desperately need to switch my old single pane aluminum windows - I can feel the cold just seeping in! I have a bid from a local company that sells Seaway Encore windows and I'm getting 5 casement windows and 16 hungs. I haven't found much on them and don't want to go with them until I get some more information. The bid price was $10,500, which is $500 per window and is including the installation.

There isn't any work to the frames so I'm not sure if this is a good price or not. I also have an estimate from one other local company that sells the Soft-Lite Elements windows and this was $14,000, which is $666 per window.

Kelly - Homeowner - from 2017

[Contractor's Response]

I've installed Seaway windows in the past and they are a good window. $500 for the Encore with installation does not seem excessive to me, I would say that's probably right in the middle of what you could expect (without having seen the job of course). The Soft-Lite Elements is a great window, better than the Encore for sure. I would have the Seaway rep quote you a price on the Ovation series. But the Elements window is really good and $666 is also a very good price. I'd probably go with the Soft-Lite, unless that Ovation comes in at $550 and then you might consider that.

Holland - Contractor - from 2016

Seaway Storm Window Review

We ordered Seaway storm windows from the local distributor (not sure if he's the only one or not) for our home. Our windows are big, maybe 36" by 60" and we paid $225 per storm window, which included the custom color and installation. The company actually sent us a metal sample of the frame with the color before we ordered it to make sure it matched up with what we had. It took quite a bit longer than I expected, which was kind of a pain, maybe 9 or 10 weeks from the time I ordered the sample until the time they were actually installed (the sample time wasn't really their fault).

The new storm windows were awesome, much tighter fit and no need to pay for full replacements, which saved me a ton of money. The other storms he had were the Harvey brand, which are quite nice as well. In fact, I liked the look of the Harvey storms over the Seaways, much cleaner look to them, but they didn't do custom colors and only had a handful to choose from.

Garrett - Homeowner - from 2015

Storm Windows Reviews

Seaway Windows Reviews

I recently bought 30 Seaway triple track storm windows. I would have gone with interior wood vinyl windows, but they wee too expensive. So I went with the vinyl and ordered them in a custom color to match the wood casing. They look really good, much better than I expected. Unless you are right next to them, you can't even tell they are a triple track. I think I paid an extra $15 per storm for the color and that was what makes it look so good. I have to give them a thumbs up for price and convenience!

Rick - Homeowner - from 2013

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