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Seaway Window Prices

Seaway window prices are in the mid to upper end of the vinyl window price range. The company is headquartered in Erie, PA and has been in business for over 50 years. They are much more of a regional manufacturer and offer two main vinyl window options, the Ovation and the Encore window series. They also offer Storm Sentry windows and doors.

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Seaway Signature Gold 450

Getting quotes for window replacements.

Got a quote from Elite Remodeling for Seaway Signature Gold 450.

13 windows for $13,780, just wondering if this is reasonable cost for this brand of window.

Windows are double hung: 35x65 - 8, 35x60 - 2, 20x58 - 2, 24x33 - 1

ean - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Jean, honestly I don't know enough about either Elite Remodeling or the Seaway Signature Gold 450 series to ascertain whether this is a good bid or not. So I'll give you the same advise I'm giving lots of consumers lately -- get a couple more bids. This is the only way you can be sure that the price quote you are getting is the fair market price that you deserve. And then send me what you find and I can weigh in on the best options for your budget and long term value and ROI.

[List Redacted -- contact us directly (Dane or Tim) for our good and great windows list.]

Dane - Site Editor - from 2021

Seaway Signature Gold InsulGlaze 700

Thanks Dane and I have one more bid that looks real good. I'm not familiar with the brand though. It's Seaway made in Erie, PA. Looks good to me.

Signature Gold InsulGlaze 700

Triple pane Low E with Argon gas fill non metallic spacer

AI .01

PG 50 (DP 50) hurricane zone rated glass pack


Windows are the triple pane with a U=.19. Patio door is a double pane with a U=.29.

The company has been around since 1959. No local stores, but the installer has been here 17 years. Please let me know your thoughts! Thanks and have a great Holiday!🇺🇸

Michael - Homeowner - from 2020

[Website Editor Answers]

Michael, that Signature Gold InsulGlaze 700 looks like a very solid vinyl window. Seaway in general makes very decent windows and it sounds like this is their cream of the crop sreies. Any window with a .01 AI is a winner in my book. Nice price too. Make sure the installer has a good reputation and you should be good to go. That Polaris UltraWeld bid is still a strong second for me.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2020

Seaway Signature 700 Quote

Replacing 17 windows and was hoping to get some advice on a more mid range window.

Seaway Signature 700 Model: $11,830
Pella 250 Model: $14,400

Zen Lotus Model: $11,470

Anita - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Anita, the Seaway Signature is good, but I'd go with the Zen Lotus over the Seaway Signature 700 window.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2019

Seaway Encore Windows

The Seaway Encore window is their standard vinyl window that is available as a double hung and includes some nice features. Some of the standard features include a true sloped sill, multichamber sash, fusion welded frame, two vent latches, triple weatherstripping and a selection of 5 exterior colors. Comparable in price and quality to Harvey windows prices, perhaps their popuar Classic series.

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Seaway Ovation Windows

The Seaway Ovation window is their upgraded vinyl window series that also comes as a double hung and includes some very nice features, including a DP50 rating, steel reinforced meeting rail, true sloped sill, multichamber sash, fiberglass screen, tilt in feature, fusion welded frame, two vent latches, triple weatherstripping, 5 exterior colors and 3 interior woodgrains. The Ovation double hung with triple pane, low-e glass and argon fills will provide a .20 U-factor, .28 SHGC, .42 VT and .10 air infiltration. Comparable in price and quality to the standard model from Sunrise windows.

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Seaway Windows Warranty

Seaway offers a very good Limited Lifetime Warranty on both their Encore and Ovation windows. This includes a lifetime warranty on the mainframe, sash, balance and locking systems. Any parts that are defective will be replaced by the company, although the owner is responsible for the installation replacement cost. The lifetime warranty also extends to the insulated glass (including accidental breakage on many, but not all, of their standard styles of windows). They offer a one time transfer to a new owner as long as the company receives a written notification of the title change and the owner submits a $50 transfer fee (this is relatively standard in the industry). The new owner does not receive the complete lifetime warranty on the insulated glass, but instead gets a percentage of the cost depending on how long the windows have been installed.

Always read the manufacturer's warranty before purchasing your windows to make sure that provisions and terms haven't changed or been altered in any way. This is another reason to get three window bids in order to compare how manufacturer's warranties stack up against one another.

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