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ETI Impact Doors

Hello Tim, Currently I am looking to replace my family room and bedroom sliding doors with Impact French doors. I see the CWS has model 8700 series doors made of vinyl and filled with argon gas.

Are there any other manufactures (PGT or ETI) that sell vinyl French doors like the CWS?

I have a PGT door in my bathroom, it has an aluminum frame which heats up the room each morning. The door faces the east and gets hot from the morning sun. My family room also faces east and don't want to have the room heated up in the same way as my bathroom.

Any suggestions you can provide?

Thanks for your help.

Glenn - Homeowner - from 2018

[Website Editor Reply]

Glenn, I know you're right that both PGT and ETI sell impact French doors. I would add Simonton to that list as well, either their Coastal or Stormbreaker Plus series. Both doors might be available in your area. I think with these four options, you should have a good swath of bids to find the door that offers the best energy efficiency, strength, and price to meet your project needs.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2018

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