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Read 3 Nescor windows reviews from homeowners and our site editors on this Connecticut based window manufacturer.

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Nescor Heat Shield 19 vs Simonton

Hello and would appreciate some input: I am at the beginning of my search for replacement windows (10 for now). We live along the Connecticut Shoreline so it's clear that vinyl is the way to go. The third contractor in was from Nescor a MA-based manufacturer that touts some pretty unique technology (I think) that in the case of their "Heat Shield 19" yields an r-19 insulation value (along with a foam filled/virgin vinyl frame) largely as a result of a unique NASA derived film that sits in between the two glass panes. As the Home Depot rep (who quoted me on Simonton replacements) said - "that's a pretty bold claim".

OK, so I get the pay me now/pay me later energy savings argument. And I do spend substantial dollars in heating an cooling. But like so many today budget is an issue. Then again spending 25% more on what I see as the mid-range Siminton choice might make more sense. Comments or thoughts on Nescor's "Heat Shield 19" window?

Rich - Homeowner - from 2015

[Site Editor's Response]

Hi Rich, I did a little bit of research and honestly I couldn't find a ton of information on heat shield technology. My overall response is this, if heat shield technology is so revolutionary and so amazing, then why aren't all of the top vinyl window manufacturers using it in their glassing? Very few window manufacturers make their own glass, they buy their glass from several well known companies, including Cardinal and PPG, neither of which offers the Heat Shield, to the best of my knowledge.

The fact that the Simonton window bid is 25% more than the Nescor brand leads me to believe that Nescor is a relatively low quality vinyl window. I could certainly be wrong on this...but I sort of doubt it.

In general, Simonton is known as a middle-of-the-road vinyl window manufacturer. I would suggest that you call the Nescor rep and have him give you the air infiltration, U-factor, design pressure, and SHGC numbers for the particular vinyl window that he quoted you on. Then I would get these exact same numbers from the Simonton rep on the window they quoted you on. These numbers are going to tell you quite a bit about how the two windows compare to one another.

Finally, I would recommend getting two more quotes from local companies who carry different brands of windows and see how their vinyl windows compare performance wise and pricewise with the two quotes that you currently have. Let me know the numbers on the Nescor so I can post them on our website and let other consumers know what you found out. Thanks so much.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2015

Nescor vs Simonton Windows

Thanks, Dane. Some answers to your questions as I have heard and understand them from Nescor:

The heat shield technology is patented NASA technology (a version of which is also used for attic blankets over existing insulation) and they acquired the trade-marked right to use it back in the 90s. Nescor has been around since 1957, so it sounds like its their exclusive. That would presumably be the reason no one else has it... they can't.

And actually, you have my question/comment a bit in reverse. The Nescor window is the more expensive, virgin vinyl, foam-filled, etc. versus Siminton.

The $99 question is can the cost difference be justified based on presumed R-factor savings? I'm expecting a fact sheet from them that should allow me to compare some actual numbers tomorrow so I can share them with you when I have them.

I might add seems to be buried in almost all the manufacturer's websites. Lots of pretty pictures, happy people and claims but you have to be willing to work it if you want to try to compare the proverbial "apples".

Then again, that's what you folks are helping us do, so thanks.

Rich - Homeowner - from 2015

[Site Editor's Response]

Rich, sorry, I didn't get that the Nescor was more expensive. I'm going to continue on my cynicism (forgive me) - If Nescor has this exclusive technology on window glass that drastically helps the R value and has had this technology for 25 years, why has nobody heard of it. The forum link that I sent you to has virtually no mention of the company at all - doe this search on google to verify nescor - I worry about relatively unknown companies telling their customers that they are the best kept secret.

I would say pass on the Nescor and go with a company that has a solid track record, good customer service, and lots of presence in the area, just in case something goes wrong with the order and/or windows down the road and you need to exercise the warranty, etc. I would also say get two more bids from companies that sell known brands. I'm not anti small company in any way, but I think you have to balance the pros and cons - to me, the Nescor doesn't have enough of a presence to justify the risk.

Rich - Site Editor - from 2015

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