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$199 Windows Installed

$199 Windows Installed

Read about $199 windows installed deals offered by local replacement window companies. Are they too good to be true? Maybe.

The Basics: Perhaps now a thing of the past, the $199 windows installed deal was first popularized (as far as we know) by Window World.In fact, the former model, Kathy Ireland, once starred in a WW commercial in which she would touted the $199 windows installed deal for all who would listen.

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"By the time you got to a window that provided effective energy efficiency, the per window price might have jumped from $199 to more like $350 - nearly double the initial cost."

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$199 Windows Installed Deal

The $199 windows installed deal worked like this - consumers would see this very cheap replacement windows option and be enticed enough to receive a bid from Window World (or whoever was offering this deal). In other words, an effective marketing campaign. Once the company rep arrived in the home to make their pitch, they would explain that the $199 windows installed price was for a "bare bones" vinyl window. They would then show the homeowners the additional options that were available: a screen, low-e glass, grids, metallic spacer, tilt in option, custom frame color, foam filled frame, etc. Each option or upgrade selected would add to the per window cost.

The Actual Per Window Price

By the time the presentation was done, the actual per window price was usually significantly higher than that initial $199 special. In other words, by the time you got to a window that provided effective energy efficiency, the per window price might be more like $350. This was a clever marketing approach, some might call a marketing scheme, but that might be too harsh a term. Within the window industry itself, this approach is referred to as "à la cart pricing" - it is used by a number of different companies to get in the door to sell their replacement windows.

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My Take On This Approach

I personally don’t have a problem with a la carte pricing - but I do think the companies that offer this should be a little more transparent in how the process works. The big question for consumers should be this - by the time you get to the actual per window price, are you getting the best quality replacement window around?

The only way to really answer this is to collect multiple bids from quality local companies and to see what the fair market price for your project is. Bottom line - get a $199 windows installed bid, but couple this with multiple additional bids in order to find the best window at the best price from the best company. That's what most consumers should be shooting for!

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