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Wallside Windows Reviews And Prices

Wallside Windows Reviews

Wallside Windows has been in business since 1947 and continues to sell their own line of windows, which they install themselves (as opposed to selling through dealers or subcontracting out the installation portion). They are a direct to consumer window company (much like Renewal By Andersen), which sells across the state of Michigan. Scroll down to read our consumer Wallside windows reviews.

Wallside Windows gets a 4.0 out of 5 stars based on 24 consumer reviews below.

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Wallside Windows Cost: $$/$$$
(2/3 out of 5)

Are Wallside Windows Good

The company tends to go after a more budget-minded clientele - meaning their replacement windows are in the lower end of all mid range vinyl windows. This level of quality is reflected in the price, which is often relatively low compared with other manufacturers. Wallside offers ala carte pricing from what I know, meaning they start out with a sort of teaser or starter price point - a baseline price that serves their marketing purposes. Then, during the free estimate, they can add on a low-e glass package, a lift rail upgrade or foam fills, etc. to get at the per window price.

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"For the most part, Wallside seems to enjoy a solid reputation in their area for quality installation. I may not love the window itself, but the company often (but not always) does good work."

Wallside Windows Warranty

Instead of a limited lifetime warranty, the company offers a limited 35 year replacement window warranty. It covers any defects in the frame, sash, locks, balance, and weather stripping. The company will repair or replace the item or window, and the installation labor is included. It's actually not a bad warranty if the company doesn't nickel and dime their customers over claims. This is my basic summary of the warranty, but always read the warranty yourself prior to purchase as terms and conditions often change.

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We welcome your Wallside Windows reviews and questions. Please let us know your thoughts, opinions, kudos, or complaints on this company. We'd love to hear from you!

Dane - Site Editor

Windows Have Held Up Over Time

Guys, we’ve had our Wallside windows in for about nine years now, and they’ve actually held up pretty well. I was worried at the beginning because it seemed like there were definitely some complaints out there from others who had problems with them overtime. Our installation went well, the pricing seems fair, and we haven’t had any issues with them.

Way back when I got your advice, you had said to check back in with me, so I set a reminder for myself. I found it going through my desk so I thought I'd drop a line. Even though you didn’t advise me to go with Wallside, I did anyways. Ha ha. But it all worked out in the end. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you spent to help me with my replacement window project.

Jimmy - Homeowner - from 2023

Wallside vs Window World

Hi Again, Well I'm down to the Polaris Thermalweld if my friend (who was my original builder in 1986) will agree to install them or going with Window World. Also, considered Wallside but their quote was a few thousand more than Window World & I don't know that the Wallside window is any better than what Window World has to offer to justify the price difference.

I don't want someone I don't know installing the Polaris windows because what warranty can I get from a independent contractor vs a national company with a good track record. Please help with your honest comparison between the Polaris Thermalweld vs the Window World 4000 series vs the Wallside double pane. Polaris Windows Reviews

I have attached both the Window World & the Wallside quotes. The Wallside quote is hard to decipher, in fact I'm still not sure what the price really is & what that includes. I truly appreciate your help & value your opinion. Can you include specifics on why your opinion is what it is for these three, Window World 4000 series, Polaris Thermalweld & Wallside (not triple pane).

This is for 16 windows.

WW 4000: $12,145 (Window World Prices)
Wallside $14,797

Karen - Homeowner - from 2023

[Site Editor's Answer]

Karen, for me, the Polaris ThermalWeld series is the call here. It is the better option over the WW 4000 series and the Wallside from a quality standpoint. I also like that he was the original builder -- that's pretty cool. He certainly knows the house, and hopefully he knows his stuff!

Dane - Site Editor - from 2023

Wallside In Detroit Michigan

Hello Dane, I came across your website while searching Alside Mezzo. I’ll be replacing 18 windows at my house in Plymouth, MI (48170). They will be a mix of casement, double, and single hung with majority of double hung. A contractor friend of mine recommended the Mezzo but I see mixed quality reviews for them. Alside Mezzo Windows Reviews

Is there another brand / series that you would recommend in terms of quality and value? I’m not looking for premium. Hoping to keep to a $12-15k budget, and would like to see your list. In our area Wallside (local) is popular but I’m not keen on them. Would appreciate your expert advice and thanks in advance! Additionally, if you have a good list of local installers in the Detroit MI metro area, please feel free to share that too.

Nadir - Homeowner - from 2023

[Site Editor's Answer]

Nadir, I am happy to send you my recommended list of window brands and options. I think we can find you a good to excellent series from a quality local company!

Dane - Site Editor - from 2023

Sunrise vs Wallside

Hello, Can I get your honest opinion on Window World 4000 series vs Wallside, double hung? Both with double pane glass. It's so hard to compare with each using their own terminology. I live in Toledo, Ohio. I would appreciate any input you can offer.

Hello again, There is a Sunrise factory nearby but I don't know anything about their windows. They only sell to contractors but I do know at least 2 contractors. Can you recommend a window from Sunrise? I guess Sunrise is now making Window World windows but they still maintain 2 or 3 of their own. Please help!! Sunrise Windows Reviews

Karen - Homeowner - from 2023

[Site Editor's Answer]

Karen, Window World makes pretty budget windows...as well as Wallside. I'm not sure who I would say makes the better window -- neither really.

Sunrise is really interesting because they were one of my goto brands and they kind of still are. They were bought by MI, which makes the windows for many of the Window World branches. I was under the impression that they kept their own factory and were still making a quality window. The Sunrise Restorations is a very high quality option.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2023

Wallside Windows Reviews

Hello Dane and Tim. I was trying to find reviews and specifically wallside windows reviews for best replacement on the web and found your blog and mention a top window replacement options that you recommend. Would appreciate if you could send me your list.

I have quotes from 6 different companies for our house in Byron Center, Michigan. This is our last house so we plan on living there many more years. We have no trees / shade for our house so what is your thoughts on premium costs?
5 – Double Hungs w/Full Screens (2 has Half-moon above window see below), 3 - Single Casements w/Full Screens, 2 - Double Casements w/Full Screens, 2 - Awning Casements w/Full Screens, 3 - End Vent Sliders w/2 Screens (one on each side), 2 - Picture, 3 - Half-Moon "Architectural" with Spoke Grids on all, 5 - Double Slider with Full Screens - Grids on ALL

Company quotes w/ installation:
Renewal by Anderson - $62,500 (Didn’t like the sales person – very pushy) Maybe a bad day but complained about earlier customers asking too many questions and second thing out of his mouth after hello was didn’t want waste his time if we weren’t serious about replacing windows.
Wallside Windows - $26,104 (with premium glass because no shade and lots of sun)
Window World 4000 - $25,590
Crown Windows - $22,355
ProVia Endure (Window Depot West Michigan) - $31,425
Marvin Infinity Windows Cost – $32,772.82

Thank you for your time and help

Duane - Homeowner - from 2022

[Editor Answer]

Duane, so far I like these two bids the best. ProVia Endure 3-plane - $31,425 and the Infinity by Marvin Infinity – $32,772.82.

Recommended Windows List
[Email dane@replacementwindowsreviews.co for his recommendations]

Dane - Website Editor - from 2022

Wallside Bid

Dear Tim and Dane, we have offers for 17 windows:

- Vinylmax Franklin Series $11,900 (installed by a local reliable 3rd party business)
- Wallside $8500
- Pella Vinyl 250 $15,800 (this includes a small vinyl slide in addition to the 17 openings) Pella 250 Series Reviews

These seem to me to be really very different prices. I read that you are not fans of the Pella Vinyl and between that and the higher price it seems we should take that option out of the running. But, what do you think about the window quality between the Franklin and Wall side and then the installation quality? Thanks for your assistance.

Chris - Homeowner - from 2020

[Editor Answer]

Chris, Wallside makes a good mid range window. I'd probably put the Vinylmax Franklin above it, but not by much. If this were my project, I'd take a hard look at the Wallside bid and the company doing the installation. If I felt comfortable with the company and liked the look and feel of the window, I'd proceed with the Wallside for a $3500 savings. The Pella 250 is about the same quality as the Wallside so obviously you're going to want to toss the Pella quote.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2020

Wallside vs Sunrise

My wife and I have multiple bids to replace 26 windows in our Michigan home. Most are double-hung, with one of them is a three panel slider. We are comfortable spending up to $20K. I've already negotiated each of these down to what the reps say is the lowest prices. Are the Sunrise bids worth the premium cost over the Pella/Wallside.

Wallside Vinyl Option: $14,200
Pella 350 Option: $15,300
Sunrise Restorations Option: $19,700
Sunrise Platinum Option (triple pane): $20,200
Soft-Lite Elements Option: $21,900
Renewal by Anderson Window Cost: $43,000

Carl - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Carl, it sounds like you have done a lot of work here. Good for you for getting so many bids. Yes, I think the Sunrise and Soft-Lite are worth the extra $4K to $5K over the Pella and Wallside, especially if you plan on being in your home for a long time. My pick here would be the Sunrise Restoration or Platinum options, followed by the Soft-Lite Elements.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2019

Weatherguard vs Wallside

I live in Michigan and am looking to replace 15 windows and 2 door walls (white on the inside and dark brown on the outside with dark brown trim). First question, what I have now are vinyl clad windows with wood on the inside. A couple estimators told me I needed to do a full replacement.

Wallside: $16,800 salesman has been with the company 20 years and is a friend of a friend and he knows the best installers and promises I will get his number one guy and he gave me his name so I trust him. His windows have a U-Factor of .25 and SHG of .28 and are double pane (their slogan is turn your double pane into triple pane performers).

Local Window Company: Selling the Alliance Belmont u-Value .27, SHG, .3. Is the Belmont a better window than Wallside? His price is $14,434 but he wants to charge an additional $1,500 for exterior trim (everyone else said the trim was included). Also, their labor on their warranty is only good for 5 years. Alliance Windows Reviews

Local Company: Selling Great Lakes Comfort series triple panes $23,400—I feel like this is a great window but does it justify the price difference? Weatherguard: Their window seems to be the strongest and has the best overall ratings but I hear you loose a lot of glass space and I live on a lake so I want a nice looking window with maximum glass space……….$19,800

There is a company out there that gives you an on-line quote and works directly with the manufacture and hooks you up with a project manager from the manufacture and an installation crew. The Installer comes out and measures and then they move forward. There is no salesperson involved and they are selling a Revere Berkshire Elite window triple pane and their total price is $14,200. Lifetime warranty on windows and installation.

What would you do? I plan to be in the house 8-10 more years.

Tiffany - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Tiffany, Wallside makes a pretty solid window and I like the idea that you will get their best installer. (Have you read our Wallside windows reviews yet - if not - I would suggest you start here.) Generally, that sounds very positive. The price sounds good in comparison to the others as well. I don't think I'd put the Belmont window from Alliance as a reliable series (although I'm not super familiar with the particulars, just what I've heard.)

Great Lakes sells three replacement window models, their mid range and premium models are quite good. But I would be suspect about that price. I'd put it under the Wallside bid in terms of overall value. Weathergard windows makes a quality product and this would be a strong contender in my book. The less frame, the less efficient the window in general, so keep this in mind.

The Berkshire Elite triple pane is a nice vinyl window, but personally I'd be wary about some crew coming in and banging out the work and leaving. If there are issues down the road, it doesn't sound like you are going to get any relief. The price is good, but I'd have a hard time overcoming the installation issue.

The bottom line is that Wallside sounds like the best option from what you've said so far. A good quality window at an affordable price with quality installation.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2019

Wallside vs Provia

We have gotten a quote for replacement windows for our home. Both quotes are basically the same price. Would you recommend Provia Ecolite or Wallside? Thank you.

Janet - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Janet, both the Provia Ecolite and Wallside I would consider vey solid mid range windows. I would say these windows are very close in quality and craftsmanship, which the bids seem to be indicating as well. I would shift from the your focus on the windows themselves to the companies doing the install. However, I do want to answer your question to this extent.

If it were my decision, I would probably go with the ProVia EcoLite for the reputation of the company. But again, the company doing the install is more important than the minimal differences between these two window series.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

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Wallside Windows vs Andersen

Wallside Windows vs Andersen

How do these two brands/companies compare to one another?

Company Information: Wallside is a direct-to-consumer window company that sells in several states in and around Michigan (where they are headquartered). Andersen sells their windows through a nationwide dealer network (local window companies), as well as through several of the big box stores. So right there, there’s quite a bit difference between the two.

What They Sell: Wallside sells vinyl windows exclusively (which they make), while Andersen sells wood clad windows, as well as their composite 100 series. Renewal By Andersen (owned by the Andersen Corporation) sells a single series — which is a “souped up” version of the 100 fibrex series. 

Marketing: Wallside advertises directly to consumers in regional markets using television and print ads, very much like Renewal By Andersen. Andersen uses a dealer network of local window companies that sell their windows, as well as selling to contractors and larger building supply companies.

Costs: Wallside are in the low to more mid range of vinyl window prices as they market their windows to budget-minded clientele. However, they offer ala crate pricing, meaning that their initial price includes very little - a stripped down window. Andersen is at the high end of the overall window industry, although their 100 series is a fairly mid range priced composite series.

Dane - Site Editor

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Customer Review

I have received 3 quotes from 2 different company's on replacements. C&L Ward quoted 7 Silverline 8700 slider windows with one Anderson 100 series (because silverline doesn't make a window this big) with low e3 glass, argon filled. Windows price of $6,780. Also quoted a silver line 5802 patio door at $2,445 for a total job of $9,225.

The second company, a local contractor quoted us Norandex extreme 6000 sliders, with the exception of the front window would have double hungs on both sides again do to the size. Also low e3, argon filled. Window price $5,700. Patio door is extreme 311 with a price of $1,190 for a total of $6,890. Same contractor also quoted Amcraft Grand Estates Original, all sliders low e3 argon filled, for $4,905 with a patio door at $1,465 for a total of $6,370.

I feel C&L Ward is unrealistic asking that price from what I have read here for Silverline windows. So I think I am down to the other 2 and not sure if you believe one would out perform the other. Or should we keep looking and get another quote. We live in Michigan. Thanks for any help and your time.

Eric - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Eric, I have to agree with you that Silverline is not a high quality window, despite the Andersen name attached to it. I would not feel comfortable putting those in my own home and would have concerns that issues would arise beginning in that 6 to 7 year mark.

The Norandex Extreme< window is actually a rebranded Atrium window. Atriums are okay, but they aren't the greatest windows out there. I would put Amcraft in that same general category as well. Kind of in that lower end of the mid range of vinyl series. Norandex Windows Reviews

I would get another bid or two if I were you. See if you can get a bid from a Simonton dealer on either the Impressions Series, the Reflections or Prism series. Also Wallside is local to Michigan and I think they offer a good mid range vinyl window that will be higher in price than the Norandex, but should offer some better long term value than the choices you currently have.

It boils down to this -- I hear from lots of consumers that their Atrium windows have done a good job for them and they are in year 15, but I also hear from others who begin to have issues with seal failure etc. and they have to deal with the cost and heachache.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Dane, Thanks for the reply. We decided to go with Wallside after reading your Wallside windows reviews. A few people I work with said they have been happy with them. None who have had them installed are all that old, so longevity wise hopefully we get a good number of years out of them.

I called Wallside and they came the next day to give us a quote. $6,000 for 8 windows and a patio door. No pressure sales tactics which I was kinda preparing for. He did show us a sample window, only salesman out of the 3 who did. The only thing I would say they try to trip you up with is quoting a cash or financing price.

To finance they say it is 0% for 5 years but the price jumps to $7,200. Also the salesman did do the whole $14,000 but we have half off every window deal going right now. All in all 1 hour to write everything up wasn't bad. I'm not sure if he came in that low to beat the other bids I had or not but he came in $300 lower than the Amcraft quote. We have a May 10th install date so hopefully the process goes smoothly.

Thanks again. I will be referring people to this site who are looking into windows. Tons of good info.

Eric - Homeowner - from 2017

Options In Southwest Ohio

I live in SW OH and need 19 windows. I would like to replace with a window that allows same or close to same glass viewing. Second, priority is sound proof. Third, reasonably priced and to last for 20 years. Do you know anything about Lansing windows, known as lansinglb. Thank you.

Susan - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

Susan, there should be lots of options in Ohio, however your list of wants might be tricky. On your first point, it sounds like you want a narrow framed window that is also soundproof. Typically, the more narrow the frame, the worse the sound and energy efficiency qualities (however sound proofing does have more to do with the space that separates the two window panes). The reasonably priced part might be tricky with a window that lasts 20 years.

I would say that finding all these qualities would require a top end vinyl window, which won't be inexpensive. My suggestion would be to read our wallside windows reviews and then get a few quotes from companies in your area that sell the following brands -- Soft-Lite, Okna, Polaris, Stanek Windows, Zen, or even Wallside. Look at their premium or mid range lines, but avoid their entry level offerings.

I haven't heard of Lansing Windows1. I took a look at their website and would probably say they make a middle of the road vinyl window, although they do offer a number of different window series. Simonton and Ply Gem are decent brands, not top tier, but their best window series, like the Simonton Impressions, might just have the qualities you are looking for.

Feel free to send me your price quotes and I'll tell you my opinion on the window and the price you were quoted.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Wallside vs Slocomb

I've been reading your Wallside windows reviews and am trying to decide between them, Ply-Gem 2000 Contractor Series, and Slocomb Pro-Tech 177. All are vinyl options. I am doing 12 windows and a sliding doorwall. Do you have any recommendations between these options?

Rob - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Rob, I haven't heard the best things from Wallside, although I have little direct knowledge of the company. From what I've heard, they operate in much the same way as a Window World in terms of the pricing and quality. Ply Gem makes a decent product in the Pro and Premium models, but anything with the words Contractor Series means you are buying their entry level product and this is not a recipe for long term value. See if you can't get a bid for one of these upgraded models instead. The Protech 177 model looks decent from the website, but I couldn't find any numbers on it on the nfrc.org website, either under Slocomb or Newton.

However, to answer your question, if it were me, and all things being equal, I guess I'd go with the Slocomb option. I might suggest getting a couple more bids to see a couple other brands, preferably ones that are less regional and have a bit more of a national presence, Simonton, Sunrise, Okna, Milgard.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2016

Wallside vs PlyGem

I have had reps from Wallside and Ply Gem, read reviews on line and talked to past customers who have Wallside. Prices, quality, "u" ratings seem very similar. Tough decision. Anything else I should consider?

Robert - Homeowner - from 2015

[Site Editor's Response]

Robert, I would agree with you that Wallside and PlyGem are very similar in price and quality. If we assume that the window replacement equation is 50% window and 50% installation, I'd say it's now time to compare the companies and the installation team that will be doing the work. Have you compared Company Reviews? Customer Referrals? Yelp, Google and BBB ratings? Labor (Installation) Warranties? How they handle misorders? How they handle customer dissatisfaction?

Finally, what does your gut tell you? This one isn't very scientific, but it is often one of the best ways to decide between two very evenly matched companies.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2015

[Robert's Response]

I have checked with four different friends/neighbors regarding Wall Side regarding any issues they may have had. All responses were positive. I have read about both companies on line and again, almost everything is very positive. I have talked with a rep from a local building supply company and they were providing positive feedback regarding PlyGem. They have sold them over twenty-five years. Ply Gem Windows Reviews

The one positive factor regarding PlyGem is that another friend knows of this installer very well. His entire condo complex will only allow this installer and this brand of window to be installed. So I guess your suggestion regarding 'gut feeling" may sway me. As I have considered the companies history, 'u' ratings, costs, etc., the one remaining plus factor is the knowledge of the installer and the super positive feedback regarding his work.

Robert - Homeowner - from 2015

Wallside Windows vs Ply Gem

I'm looking to replace 18 windows in MI. I'm looking at a Ply Gem Premium series window or a Wallside window. Which do you think would be a better window to go with?

Jon - Homeowner - from 2010

[Site Editor's Response]

Tom, I would have to say that the Ply Gem premium window is going to be a better option than a Wallside window. Wallside manufactures their own vinyl windows and I would say that it's just an OK midrange vinyl window, depending on the number of features and upgrades that you go with. Wallside, to the best my knowledge, does do their own installation which I really like because their installation teams only deal with their windows.

Therefore, they have pretty deep understanding of the intricacies and issues with that particular install. I guess I would ask how comfortable you are with whoever is doing the install on the Ply Gem Windows, this could be the difference.

Ply Gem premium windows would offer better performance numbers, offer a more durable construction and should carry a better warranty then the wall side.

Incidentally, how was your experience with the wall side bid process, I have heard that they go in for the hard sell and was just curious what your overall impressions were?

Dane - Site Editor - from 2015

Wallside Replacement Windows

Wallside Windows is a Michigan company, and they manufacture their own windows and then also handle the install and service. They offer a 35 year material and labor warranty. The windows I'm looking at have an Intercept spacer and Guardian Climagard RLE 71/31 glass, but their numbers just seem average. The price is good and it seems like a good value. Is this a good company to buy from?

Brian - Homeowner - from 2010

[Contractor Response]

If you're looking for a bargain window, they aren't terrible. I don't like their spiral balance system, but they aren't the only company that uses it. I hope you aren't looking at their "$189 installed" window, because you're guaranteed to need it in a few years. If you're going to move soon, then go ahead, but if you're planning to live there you want a better window.

Cheryl - Industry Insider - from 2010

Read additional Window World reviews.

Wallside Windows Cost

My friend got windows recently and just went with the cheapest he could find. He chose Wallsides because they had some special deal. It's only been a year and a half and he has condensation between the panes on some of them already. We're getting windows on our home soon and I'm looking at Sunrise Windows instead . You get what you pay for, and he got a $200 window. I want something a little better for my house.

Doug - Homeowner - from 2010

Installation Issue

When Wallside came out to install my windows, it was an independent contractor, not an employee like they led me to expect. After he left, there was a 3/4 inch gap between the pane and the window opening. Several hours later, I called Wallside, they kept giving me the runaround and never did fix it. Read your wallside windows reviews extensively. Now, I have condensation problems and I'm probably going to have to replace them again.

Cindi - Homeowner - from 2010

Wallside Vinyl Window Quality

Wallsides are cheap, but they only last 10 years or so. I can pay a little bit more and get windows that will last 30 years or more. The windows I have now are over 30 years old and the seals now need to be replaced. I put new glass in them about 10 years back but the frames aren't really holding up anymore.

Jake - Homeowner - from 2011

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