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Lansing Classic vs. Pella 250 Series

Hi Dane, I came across your site in the process of researching windows for our gut renovation project in the Boston area, and I was extremely impressed! You have such great and useful content and give people such helpful concrete advice. Here's my question:

We're comparing the Pella 250 series (quote for $14,960) vs the Lansing Classic (quote for $12,400). This is for 21 double hung windows, 2 casements, and a sliding door. It's a total gut renovation, so we're looking at new construction windows. This is just the cost of the windows, labor will be handled separately by our contractor.

Which would you go with in this situation?

Should we be considering Pella 350?

Have your thoughts changed on Harvey since they were bought by Lansing?

Our architect thought that Harvey/Lansing could be good for the double hung but recommended Pella or Andersen for the casements. What do you think?

Anything else we should consider?

I'm not sure how quickly you are able to respond to this, but we'd like to get back to our contractor in the next couple of days and would appreciate your advice!


Caroline - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Caroline, I'm not familiar enough with how Lansing is handling their windows to make a recommendation on them. Lansing previously sold windows made by Atrium. I'm honestly not sure if they are now selling Harvey window.

The Pella 250 window is a decent mid range vinyl window. I'm not sure I would mix them myself, only because there will be some design discrepancies between the two brands. This would bug me, but maybe this wouldn't be the same for you.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2021

Lansing Window Opinion

I live in SW OH and need 19 windows. I would like to replace with a window that allows same or close to same glass viewing. Second, priority is sound proof. Third, reasonably priced and to last for 20 years. Do you know anything about Lansing windows, known as lansinglb. Thank you

Susan - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

Susan, there should be lots of options in Ohio, however your list of wants might be tricky. On your first point, it sounds like you want a narrow framed window that is also soundproof. Typically, the more narrow the frame, the worse the sound and energy efficiency qualities (however sound proofing does have more to do with the space that separates the two window panes). The reasonably priced part might be tricky with a window that lasts 20 years. I would say that finding all these qualities would require a top end vinyl window, which won't be inexpensive. My suggestion would be to get a few quotes from companies in your area that sell the following brands -- Soft-Lite, Okna, Polaris, Stanek Windows, Zen, or even Wallside. Look at their premium or mid range lines, but avoid their entry level offerings.

I haven't heard of Lansing Windows. I took a look at their website and would probably say they make a middle of the road vinyl window, although they do offer a number of different window series. Simonton and Ply Gem are decent brands, not top tier, but their best window series, like the Simonton Impressions, might just have the qualities you are looking for.

Feel free to send me your price quotes and I'll tell you my opinion on the window and the price you were quoted.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

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