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Explore Mr. Rogers Windows reviews, ratings, and prices from consumers and industry experts on this Kentucky-based installation company.

Company Information:Mr. Rogers has been in business since 1959. They are available in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio.

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Mr. Rogers Windows In Cincinnati Ohio

Dane, do you know anything about Mr. Rogers Windows? They are not available to public so I cannot find reviews.

My roof is collapsing so the best fix is to raise the roofline and install an attic truss that boils be finished in the future. Therefore it will have windows. Currently I am not happy with my windows because they are white and I have earthy terra-cotta brick.

I cannot afford to replace my whole home with Marvin Windows but I wish I could. Mr. Rogers Windows offers a clay (for the vinyl). I love the clay color at Marvin.

Do you know/recommend any quality vinyl or ultrex windows that come in clay? If not, please just send your recommended windows list. I live in Cincinnati OH.

Kirsten - Homeowner - from 2022

[Website Editor Reply]

Kirsten, I've never heard of Mr. Rogers Windows. They have been in business since 1959 according to their website and they are available in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio. Honestly, the fact that no reviews exist is a caution flag in my book. I agree with you that Marvin Windows are quite nice, but also quite expensive.

I don't know offhand who offers windows in a clay exterior, but my list of windows should provide you with lots of leads to call up local dealers and ask if they offer a clay exterior. Make sure to ask if it is a custom color and how much that custom color costs -- usually it's a hefty upgrade cost.

I'd start collecting more bids if this were my project.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2022

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