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KHPP Windows vs. Marvin

I have a friend in the window business. He worked for manufacturers (marvin and KHPP) , distributors and now signed on with a company to sell within the For Worth area. He encouraged me to go with Sierra Pacific over Marvin as he thought the quality was as good or better and cost less. He discouraged me from using vinyl because of the the look and quality of my home. However I think since he's in the business he has a different perspective.

My wife and I were discussing the windows and neither of use ever thought or cared about the windows in the homes we've bought. Rarely is it mentioned by real estate agents, unless of course, it's Marvin. However, even then it resulted in just a shoulder shrug. We've always come at things from the perspective of is it efficient, does it look nice and will it last. Of course we want quality like everyone else, but we're not inclined to pay more for a brand name, especially if there's something as good or better for less.

Thanks again for your time, the world needs more people like you.

All the best.

Peter - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Peter, Marvin and KHPP are both very good manufacturers, so I get that. Vinyl is definitely not some beautiful material, but windows tend to blend into the background of a home (at least for 90% of homes in America). But you are correct that the ROI is tricky...same with solar although they can save you thousands per year and are never factored into the home price because it doesn't add up to much unless you use the life of the investment...

Anyway, high quality vinyl windows with a wood laminate interior is for me a great middle ground. Most homeowners don't want to pay for the laminate upgrade at all, while others really feel it's worth it.

Shoot me your bids when you receive them and let's take the next step to getting you a quality product that will maximize your investment.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2021

KHPP Meridian vs. Okna 500

Hi Dane, Tim, I have 26 windows total that I'm looking to have replaced and was curious as to your thoughts on value and best option. I'm in Louisville, KY.

I have:

21 double hung

1 octagonal

3 picture

1 half round (over a double a hung)

This is the 'forever' house (15-20 years).

Okna 500 Series - through West Shore Home - $21,998

Okna 600 Series - through West Shore Home - $24,752

Provia Aspect - Through local dealer (Weber Windows) - $20,493

KHPP Meridian - Through local dealer (Windows Plus) - $25,530

The KHPP has a considerably better SHGC @ .19 compared to the Okna and Provia, but I'm not able to see much of a web presence and reviews for them to make me confident that they'll be around for the long term.

My research is pointing me to the Okna 500s but I'm curious to your opinion.


Chad - Homeowner - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

Hi Chad, so I would put the Okna 500 at the top of that list, followed by the Okna 600. The ProVia Aspect is a decent window, but as this is your forever home, I think the Okna 500 is definitely worth the extra money (and not that much more money to be honest.)

The Okna 500 is a great window and I don't think you have to go up to the 600 model, unless you really like the look and features and are willing to spend the extra money. The KHPP Meridian is a very good window, but the Okna 500 is more or less as good.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

Thanks Dane. If I could get the dealer to price match (or nearly match) the KHPP windows to my OKNA quote, would it be a better value? The SHGC is .19 on the Meridian compared to the .28 on the OKNA. Is this noticeable or simply splitting hairs?

I have a 2 story house on a finished basement with a single HVAC system. The west side of my home is hard to keep cool in the summer,in the evenings so I'm trying to get the best insulating properties out of my windows to keep the temps consistent and from floor to floor.

Thanks again!

Chad - Homeowner - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

Chad, the SHGC is really just how much heat comes through the window. Hot climates required a lower SHGC and cooler climates want a higher SHGC, although seasons make this figure a bit tougher to figure out. A better indicator of the overall strength and craftsmanship of a window is the air infiltration, how much air gets through the window. The Okna 500 double hung is a .02 I believe, nearly unbeatable.

I'm sure the KHPP Meridian has a very low AI as well, although I don't know the exact numbers on that window.

If this were my project, I would go with the Okna 500 and work with the Okna dealer to get an upgraded glass package on those west-facing windows to keep the SHGC as low as possible.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2020

KHPP Genesis Series Bid

I messed up on one thing, the Ply-Gem windows are around $4500 also. It was a Genesis from KHPP, not sure which company that is was $6175

If I can get the Soft-lite dealer to quit ignoring my quote request I would like to see what they are. What would be a good window and price do you think with them?

Thanks again for all of your help.....

Danny - Homeowner - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

Danny, the Genesis is a good entry level window, pretty impressive actually. This is what I would looking at if you are planning to stay in your home long term. Of course, Soft-Lite is the much more recognizable brand and you should definitely get a bid from them.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2020

[Danny's Reply]

If the ply-gem, interstate, and Revere are right at the he same price would you still go with the Interstate and Revere over the Ply-gem? All 3 are right at $4500 for 8 windows.

One more question, we're still looking at moving in 5-7 years. How much more would you say was a good price for Softlite windows over the other 3?

Thanks again for your help.

Danny - Homeowner - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

If you are leaving in 7 years, I would spend the least amount and forget about the KHPP and Soft-Lite. Ply Gem, Revere and Interstate, in that order.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2020

KHPP And Kensington HPP Confusion

Hello Dane. Are Kensington HPP and KHPP the same thing? They have two different websites.

I am confused. Do you know the answer?

Thank you again.

Chris - Homeowner - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

Chris, I know only a little and I agree it's confusing. If you find out more, I'd love to hear it!

Kensington HPP is located in Pennsylvania and sells the Kingston, Huntington, and Quantum II

KPP is located in Halsett Texas, and sells the Genesis, Ascent, and Meridian.

So they seem like two different companies, but I don't think that's true. They must have a connection, but beyond this I don't know. Their history is confusing as well.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2020

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