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SeasonGuard Windows Reviews

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Editor's SeasonGuard Window Review

There isn't much information out there on SeasonGuard Windows, but they do appear to be a rebranded Sunrise window. This isn't that unique to the window industry, there are many examples of larger manufacturers selling their windows to other companies who then turn around a sell a rebadged or rebranded window with their own name on it. The windows come with Cardinal glass, a high quality extrusion and hardware, as well as a lifetime transferrable warranty with a glass breakage provision.

We would love to get additional information on this operation to share with the consumer.

There's actually a great video on putting the windows together online when you google SeasonGuard Windows.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2016

SeasonGuard Windows Reviews

Hi Dane - We are putting the new window search on hold. To make a long story short, it turns out there is little to NO insulation around our windows. Terrrrrrible installation. After how many years of drafts & condensation, we finally took off the trim & discovered a shocking lack of insulation. So disappointing; however, it is very likely we can GREATLY improve our situation without having to replace all our windows - and that is a huge, huge financial savings. We are looking into some sort of upgraded seal, too, which could help. I think we'll try "fixing" just a couple of windows & see how they do throughout a year of seasons and then go from there.

Note of interest: We found a regional contractor (Lindus Construction) who sells a line of windows called SeasonGuard. After a lot of digging & probing questions, I discovered they are made by Sunrise, at a Sunrise factory, and sold under this private label SeasonGuard. Interestingly, the "standard" model is triple-pane. When I inquired about double-pane, those numbers didn't quite meet the new Energy Star requirements. The triple has *amazing* CR, but the VT is pretty low. Trade-offs for everything, I suppose. Thanks for your input - I appreciate your time SO MUCH!

Sara - Homeowner - from 2016

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