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Read Dabella Windows Reviews from consumers and industry experts alike. This home improvement company has over 20 branch locations throughout the western half of the United States. They are most heavily concentrated in the Pacific Northwest. The company tackles a number of different jobs, including bathroom remodels, gutters, roofs, siding, and windows. The company sells mostly Alside window series, including the Preservation, Sheffield, Fairfield, and the Mezzo model.

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DaBella Window Costs vs. Apex Insignia

Dane, I am in St. Louis Park MN 55426 and I got pricing from Apex, DaBella and Hoffmann Weber (Provia Endure Windows).

I have to replace a bay window with 2 side single hung, 2 sliders, and 1 double hung and 2 single casement windows. I did ask for pricing for the 3 basement windows which are a single pane but only HW gave me pricing to replace those.

Debella gave me pricing for 3 windows (the bay and the 2 sliders) and it was around $15K for double pane windows, $18 if I wanted triple pane

Hoffman Weber was $20,626.64 for retro installation on everything with triple pane double hung windows (including basement replacements)

Apex gave me pricing for everything (could not give me pricing for basement replacements) and it was $10,371 for rough opening installation on 2 sliders and the bay window. $3,629 for the other 3 windows with retro installation.

The financing options and cost for the Apex are most appealing but I am curious what your thoughts are on the good/better/best windows for this area? I feel like in your reviews you didn’t give the best ratings to Insignia brand…should I be looking at another brand of window?

Emily - Homeowner - from 2022

[Site Editor's Answer]

Emily, Apex makes a good window in the Insignia. I don't consider it to be a top tier window like the ProVia Endure, but it is still quite good. If the Apex branch has lots of good to great reviews in your area, then I would strong consider using them given the price.

Your bids aren't apples to apples so it's hard for me to give you a real solid response. I would definitely look at the company reviews to see how they stack up against one another.

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DaBella Window Options in Denver Colorado

Hello again Dane,, I was thinking I will be 70 and never really thought about the fact I could be out of there in 5 years. So maybe should be more entry level.

Also, how many bids do I need. Do I get two quotes from different companies like for the Anlin? I had trouble finding a lot of them for CO. Then of course many only work in the Denver area. I hope I am not bothering you too much. Is what I have below significant?

Bluebird:: Verde Sunrise,, Anlin

Five Seasons: Amaramax, Anlin,

All Pro : Simonton ,Therma-Tru,

Window World: Comfort World

Leading: Edge: Sunrise, Anlin

5280: Kensington

Hansons: appears to do there own. They do triple pane on everything.

K-Designers: Americas Dream. That is all they have on the website. Might be there own brand. All they do is triple pane.

DaBella Windows: Alside many sone of them Mezzo

Ellen - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Ellen, your timeline in the home is fairly important. If you are only going to be in your home for five years, then spending top dollar probably does not make sense.

These are the best windows from your selections if you are going to be in your home for 10 plus years: Sunrise Verde, Anlin, Amerimax, and Kensington. All very good windows. For me, any of them would serve you well, but I would check the online reviews of the installation companies and use this as one of my data points. For instance, I checked on Bluebird and they get excellent reviews and sell the Sunrise Verde. This would be a top pick for me if it fits your timeline and budget.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2021

[Ellen's Reply]

Thank you so very much for your reply. Should I even be doing the windows? Is it a waste of time and money? We never know what is coming up for all of us so it is a guess on my part for five years, could be longer. Some final items

Would I use the 10 plus window suggestions for the 5 year time frame.

Should I get reviews on all of the windows listed above?

Should anything be upgraded such as the glass? Or stay away from upgrades?

Would it be less expensive if I use a single hung(that is what I have now) or could sliders be used?

Thank you for your patience with me as I decide what to do. I know that I have taken a lot of your time. But I do not yet think of myself as old. My age is finally hitting me.

Ellen - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Ellen, I really can't tell you whether or not to do the windows, but the ROI does take a considerable amount of time. The better comfort/temperature inside your home and sound reduction is an immediate improvement.

I would quickly google "Dabella windows in [your city] Colorado" and look at the overall reviews from yelp, google, angi's list and see if you can get a consensus on how good or bad they are. Do this for each installation company.

A good low-e glass is fine in my opinion. This coes standard with any quality vinyl window these days

Sliders can be used but they are less energy efficient than single hungs. Not a huge issue though, although if you struggle with rooms being too hot or cold during summer and winter, than go with a good casment, single or double hung window.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2021

Dabella Apex Window Quotes

Hi Dane, I live in the Seattle area.

I was just approached by Apex and here is the quote:

For 38 slides of windows + 2 sliding doors, they ask for 49,911 before tax.

After I provided my info on your website, I got contacted by two more local contractors: Debella and Harley. They will come in to give me a quote on Thursday. I will update you then.

Thanks in advance for reviewing my quote and providing suggestions.

Wynter - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Wynter, let me know what the other two contractors have to say. $49K before tax for 38 slides and 2 doors is not exactly cheap...

Dane - Site Editor - from 2021

DeBella Price Quote

Hi Dane, I talked with DeBella, another provider suggested by Home Advisor. They offered Triple Pane at price of 119,200 and Double Pane at price of 66,158 for 35 windows and 2 doors. Am I going in the wrong direction? The quotes I got are higher and higher.

Brad - Homeowner - from 2021

Dabella Windows Review

Hello Dane & Tim, I cannot "Thank You" enough, how useful your website is while I am looking for window replacement. Thanks a ton for all the time and help you guys putting in!!!!

High Level details of project -

Replacing 16 windows as mentioned below. We are looking for Full replacement for our Bow (it has 2 casement and 3 picture) and L.Bathroom (DT) and rest all are Inserts (Vinyl).

Options considered so far

I took estimates of Anderson (39k), Champion (20k), Sunrise Restoration (19350), Apex Insignia (19812), Sunrise Solace (26k), Dabella windows (29k), Hayfield + Weather Shield (24k). All, but Insignia are double pane with AR gas, while Insignia alone is KR + Triple Pane (low U factor).

Shortlisted options

I have shortlisted - Apex Insignia, Sunrise Restoration, Hayfield ( this team is installing Hayfield in all Double Hung + Weather Shield Signature BOW window), and Champion.

Help from You

Please advise, out of Apex Insignia / Sunrise Restoration / Champion & (Hayfield+Weather Shield) combination - which one you will recommend? Also, should I be checking some more, and which ones, if you can advise on that?

Project details

Bow Window 21x62 5 Casement Full replace Bow
L. Bath 25x38 1 Double Hung Full Replace Double Hung
M.Bed (big one) 37x63 2 Double Hung
M.Bed (single one) 37x63 1 Double Hung
M.bath (big) 25x55 2 Double Hung
Bed1 37x55 2 Double Hung
Bed2 37x55 1 Double Hung
Office 37x55 1 Double Hung
Laundry 29x55 1 Double Hung

Thanks & Regards.

Sanchit - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Sanchit, your lowest cost bid in the Sunrise Restoration is the best window of the bunch. The Champion is probably right behind this. The Sunrise Solace is the Sunrise Restoration, so they are asking $6000 more for the same window. I think the Apex Insignia is probably third on my list. Honestly, I would go with the Sunrise Restoration option. It is a fantastic window. All of the prices are close enough to tell me that this is about fair market price for this project.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2021

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