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Velux Skylight Reviews

Read 3 Velux Skylight Reviews on their most popular skylights and roof window options. Velux is one of the largest manufacturers of skylights and roof windows. The company is out of Denmark, but has manufacturing facilities in 40 countries, including the United States. The company manufactures both deck mounted and curb mounted skylight systems. At this time, we have no consumer reviews on their products.

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Dane - Site Editor - Page Updated in December, 2023

Velux Skylight Reviews 2017

I certainly hope you'll post this review to save other people from buying the wrong type of skylights, like we did. We bought three Velux self flashed skylights from AAC in Asheville, NC to install with our new roof. We thought there would be less chance of leaking because the flashing was attached.

With the first hard rain, they all leaked. Since the roofer was recommended by AAC, we called him, but he didn't want to stand behind the skylights and said he didn't think they weren't the right units for our area.

We called AAC and they recommended another roofer, who agreed that skylights with self flashing should never be sold in our area, due to the climate changes and contractions and expansions of the roofing materials.

We called AAC, but they said there was nothing in the Velux brochure to support that. We paid the roofer to fix the sky lights three different times, even though he maintained those units were not suited for colder climates.

He called the Velux rep, who came out and agreed that those units are made for climates that don't change, like in Florida. Velux then sent us three repair kits, although we still paid for all the labor, including removing our skylights , getting the kits attached and then installing and finishing the units.

After some time, we are experiencing leaking at the site of one of the skylights. The roofer says the roof is fine and the kits were properly installed. AAC says it's not their fault because Velux still doesn't have a special notation by those skylights. That would at least prevent other unsuspecting people in colder climates from buying them, like we did.

I finally spoke directly to your Velux rep, who explained that the kits make the skylights like they should have been and are properly installed. When I explained to him that we also paid to have the windows installed, paid to have them repaired three times, then paid all the additional labor associated with the kit replacements. And, by the way, we still have water coming in from them.

His response to me was "those are the skylights you chose." Yes, that is true, but we never would have chosen that style, IF Velux had an asterisk stating they aren't made for colder or changing climates, due to possible expansion and contraction. AAC now has a "Do Not Sell" notation on that style in all of the Velux books.

So, here we are with leaking Velux skylights, and no one wants to take responsibility. We're the ones who have had to deal with the problems, pay the extra money to do all of the additional repairs and we still have to deal with the problems associated with leaking sky lights.

Eileen - Homeowner - from 2017

Velux Skylights

Velux makes a great skylight in my opinion. If one of their skylights leaks, it was probably installed improperly. I haven't seen any of their products fail, but I also haven't worked with that many of them. I know a couple of other contractors who have used the Velux Skylights on some different projects and they were also impressed with the overall quality.

Mike - Contractor - from 2015

Velux vs Andersen

I had used Andersen for several skylights and I just found their quality to be seriously lacking. It didn't come as that much of a surprise when they bowed out of the skylight business and pretty much handed it over to Velux. I think it's good for the industry as a whole, to let companies manufacture a product they know how to make. I do think that the overall quality of the Velux skylight has gone down a bit as they've gotten bigger though. They switched a few of the parts from metal to plastic, I'm sure to save money.

The remote coontrol for the skylight units is pretty awesome and one that has some good wow factor with homeowners.

- Contractor - from 2013

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