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Read 2 Klearwall windows reviews on these energy efficiency vinyl and aluminum clad windows.

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Editor's Klearwall Window Review

It wouldn't surprise me if you hadn't heard of Klearwall Windows, they are not exactly a household name in the window and door business. However, they are interesting company in that they are one of the first and only American companies to manufacture and sell exclusively triple glazed windows build for high energy efficiency.

For instance, their PassiV Hardwood window has a U-value of 0.13, which is better than any window we've ever reviewed. The company doesn't mention the air infiltration numbers of any of their windows, which would be very interesting to see (I assume its very low). One note: the company is not listed on the National Fenestration Ratings Council, which strikes me as odd, since the site lists close to five hundred window manufacturers.

Klearwall Windows And Doors is a Virginia based business, whose triple pane windows are designed with more of a European style, function and materials. This emphasis on energy efficiency, specifically on greatly reducing the amount of heat loss of a home, is a key principle of the passive house. A passive house is one that uses 1/10 th the energy as the average home in that area.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2015

Klearwall In Tilt Windows And Blinds

Hi Dane, we are in the process of working with an architect to build a passive house in Branford, Ct. He plans on using Klearwall open in/tilt windows. Is it possible to put window blinds on this type of window for privacy? Look forward to hearing from you.

Bette Ann - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Bette Ann, you should be able to put certain interior blinds in your home, there isn't anything about Klearwall windows that would bar this. Of course, it depends the type of blinds you want. There might be an issue with putting a blind that sits inside the opening or cut out, especially when it comes to tilting in the window. You should be fine with a blind that sits outside and above the opening. I take it you asked the Klearwall rep, what did they say?

If it were me, I would call several blind companies and ask them the same question, making sure to mention the in tilt functions of the window. They will know better than I will any potential problems with the various styles of blinds that you may be considering. They might also have some good suggestions -- I have to admit that I'm not a blinds expert. But I would absolutely suggest talking to several who are!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

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