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Read Apco Windows reviews on this Ohio based window company.

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Apco Windows Columbus Ohio

If you are interested in any of the contractors in the Columbus, Ohio area, I can tell you of my experiences with the ones I have gotten prices from. I am leaning toward the Sunrise Restorations line. It seems to be a decent window and for the less than $24,000 for 25 windows, one of those being a half round, it did not seem too bad of a quote.

My dealings with APCO, was their prices might have been a little high for my son's house. It was about $14,500 or so for 26 windows, with grids, low "e"glass, and argon filled gas. It was the middle line of the Ply-gym windows. That did not include $1500 added to the siding job for capping. They are nice windows and he has pretty large windows. (Window Capping Cost)

My windows on the back of the house have seven small windows 33x36, so I think the costs for those windows seems a little high that I have been given.
Anderson was over $1200 for each of those windows and so was Pella and they were unfinished, I was finishing them myself.

As for the Sunrise windows Hanawalt Construction includes lifetime labor for Sunrise's lifetime warranty. The sales guy was the vice-president of the company, family owned business for over 35 years. I will see what I get when I ask for a break down of the prices. My husband and I are a little nervous about what we will get with installation. I saw what APCO did with my son's windows, I had them rip them out and redo four of them. The windows literally had ski slopes for the capped window sills. Hanawalt looks better from the pictures I saw and they were willing to let us see other work, something Wingler Construcion would not do.

The Simonton and Alside dealers were very easy to deal with, but Sunrise windows looked nicer, and I would like windows that will last me the rest of my life. We do not want to replace these again in 27 years. All of our Andersons have rotting window sashes.

Thank you for all of you information. I really appreciate it. You have been very helpful in this jungle of window companies, helping me to make an informed choice.

Robin - Homeowner - from 2015

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