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Kolbe Windows Price List And Cost Quotes

Kolbe Window prices are fairly expensive - the company has always been known for their wood and aluminum clad windows. Kolbe & Kolbe (now called Kolbe Windows And Doors) manufactures 6 different models, two of which are vinyl windows. Scroll down to explore the Kolbe Windows price list and consumer cost quotes.

Company Information

Kolbe is a smaller manufacturer based out of Wisconsin, although they now own Pointe Five Windows based in Colorado, which should provide them with more distribution in the Western states. Kolbe has a long reputation for producing quality product lines, which we will review and give you as much information as we have on each one.

Dane - Site Editor - Page Updated in June, 2024

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Kolbe Latitude Windows Prices

The Kolbe Latitude vinyl window is their base model and should come as either a replacement or as new construction. In general, Kolbe isn't known for their vinyl windows, they are more closely associated with wood and aluminum clad windows. It is probably safe to assume that they make a mid range vinyl window. The Latitude is available in the following styles, including a casement, bay, bow, awning, double hung, single hung, slider, radius, and a number of geometric shapes. Compare to the Seabrooke Series from Ply Gem. I would give the Kolbe VistaLuxe Series a 3.9 out of 5 stars rating.

Dane - Site Editor

Kolbe Latitude Window Costs

I have 12 double hungs to replace on the first floor, and 2 smaller sliders in the basement. We'd like to do a few a year and plan to stay in our home - not flip it. Any advice you could give would be great.

We really like the warranty and reputation of Sunrise windows - got quoted a single window price of $559 from our only local distributor. I have a quote for a Kolbe Vinyl Latitude insert replacement for $354. I know the quality won't be as good, but is the difference worth $200 per window for Sunrise?

Tom - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

In terms of the Kolbe, I haven't had much experience with the Latitude. They are more of a wood window company, so I wouldn't take the chance with their vinyl window "pick up." If it were me and I was going to be in my house for longer than 10 years, I'd go with the Sunrise. If you aren't going to be there that long, then you may want to consider the Kolbe (I sort of hate this advice for the next homeowners but its the truth from a purely economic standpoint).

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

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Kolbe Windquest Windows Prices

The Kolbe Windquest is their vinyl impact window that is designed to withstand high windows and rain, as well as to stand up to debris that can hit a window during a major storm or hurricane. The DP 50 and R5 ratings make for a very strong window that should be hurricane code compliant in nearly all storm affected areas. Consumers can choose from over 20 exterior colors, a triple pane glass option and excellent energy efficiency numbers. Compare to the PGT 400 Impact Window. I would give the Kolbe Windquest Series a 4.6 out of 5 stars rating.

Dane - Site Editor

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Kolbe Windows Prices :: Classic Series

The Kolbe Classic has been around for quite some time and was the company's now entry level aluminum clad window with a real wood interior. It uses a roll formed process on the aluminum, which is not as effective as the extruded option that is used on their Ultra and VistaLuxe models. The Classic is simple, streamlined window that has a polyester finish available in 10 style options and 4 exterior color options. Compare to the Jeld Wen Custom Wood Series. I would give the Kolbe VistaLuxe Series a 4.0 out of 5 stars rating.

Dane - Site Editor

Kolbe Windows Price List

We're replacing 2 fixed frame windows, one horizontal slider and 23 double hungs. These are the quotes I received, would you care to give your opinion in these? I really appreicate your site, it has helped me out tremendously and your form bids turned out nicely (although it was quite a bit of time to go through the bid process - but happy at the end.) All of the pricing below is per window installed. Oh and this is for retrofit installation not the more complicated way.

Simonton 5050 - $600
Vinylmax Franklin - $615
Simonton 5500 Series - $670
Sunrise V4500 - $770
Kolbe Classic - $1215

Mel - Homeowner - from 2023

[Site Editor's Answer]

Mel, you have some very reasonable price quotes. (And yes I know it's a process to bet the bids, but it really does save you thousands upon thousands of dollars by doing it this way.) These are my three picks: Sunrise v4500, Simonton 5500, and Vinylmax Franklin. If you really want to do wood clad, then the Kolbe is the obvious pick. (More on Sunrise Windows Prices.)

Dane - Site Editor - from 2023

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Kolbe Heritage Windows Prices

The Kolbe Heritage wood clad window is the most recognized model from Kolbe. It's a nice middle of the road wood window, that comes with an exterior K-Kron II finish, which is essentially an exterior paint. The Heritage is often competitively priced, depending on the distributor or availability in your area. Compare to the Andersen 200 Series. I would give the Kolbe Heritage Series a 4.2 out of 5 stars rating.

Dane - Site Editor

Kolbe Heritage Window Prices

I have 38 year old single pane Weather Shield double hung windows in my home (1978 Ranch). A couple have been replaced with SIMCO sash kits prior to us buying the home. One of those is already showing air leakage problems (condensation on the glass in winter). We've settled on insert replacements since a full siding replacement is not an option for us at this time. My sons bedroom window is leaking air and condensating so bad that the wood sash started to mold at the end of last winter. Originally we wanted Andersen 400s but cant afford the 720 window price tag per window (uninstalled). The comparable Kolbe, which I believe is called a Heritage was $893 (uninstalled).

Tom - Homeowner - from 2016

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Kolbe Ultra Windows Prices

The Kolbe Ultra is essentially the updated version of the Classic and uses an extruded aluminum instead of the roll formed. This makes for a thicker aluminum with much less flex that fits together better and looks nicer than the roll formed in the corners. Altogether a nicer window that comes in 30 exterior colors and a ton of interior wood options that includes some interesting wood species such as bamboo, walnut, cherry and alder (as well as the usual suspects such as pine, oak, maple and mahogany). They also offer huge number of glass packages. Interestingly, the Ultra received a low score from Consumer Reports in the aluminum window category. Compare this to the Pella Impervia window. I would give the Kolbe Ultra Series a 4.1 out of 5 stars rating.

Dane - Site Editor

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Kolbe VistaLuxe Windows Prices

The Kolbe VistaLuxe is a high end, modern looking extruded aluminum exterior with a wood interior that was developed in conjunction with architects that focus on modern design. The VistaLuxe is available as a casement, awning, geometric shapes and fixed frame options. A high end, modern window that is probably reserved for super custom and expensive projects. Compare this to another super high end window such as the Andersen Architectural Series. I would give the Kolbe VistaLuxe Series a 4.6 out of 5 stars rating.

Dane - Site Editor

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Kolbe Forgent Windows Prices

Kolbe Forgent Window Cost

I am replacing all the windows in my house with casements (for most) there will be a couple of fixed windows. 16 openings. I have 2 quotes as follows.

Andersen 100 is $11,500

Kolbe Forgent is $11,604

As you can see not much difference in price.

Any recommendations based on the quality of the windows since price is so even.

Thank you for any input from your experience.

Paula - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Paula, I don't know anything about the Kolbe Forgent. I took a look at their website and was impressed with a couple of performance numbers I saw. I'd like to see the air infiltration number on the units before I give it a thumbs up. If I were you, I'd call up the Kolbe rep and ask if he has any AI numbers on the casements you are looking at. I'd be looking for something in the .07 or under for this window. I'd say if this was the case, then the Kolbe Forgent would be my pick.

The Andersen 100 window is a solid composite window. Nice looking and numbers probably pretty similar to the Kolbe Forgent (I'm guessing). I would base my decision on the company offering the install and the features and/or look of the windows that I liked best between these two. Decent price on both.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2019

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