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Pella Impervia Windows Cost And Price Quotes

Pella Impervia Windows Cost run in the mid to upper end range for all fiberglass windows. It isn't a favorite window amongst most contractors for the following reasons. One, they think it is unattractive in comparison to other similarly priced products such as the Marvin Integrity or Infinity fiberglass models.

Two, many feel the design and construction leave something to be desired. Three, they point out that it's performance numbers are not very impressive for the price (U-value of 0.33 in the standard double pane). The Pella Impervia does come in an array of exterior and interior colors, which is always a good thing if homeowners need to match the window frame to the existing color scheme. In addition, the window does have a thinner frame design than many of the top vinyl window options out there. Read all of our Pella Impervia reviews.

While Pella windows are a well known brand, the Impervia model doesn't seem to be a strong competitor for the price. Many installers would suggest going with the Marvin option or one of the top of the line vinyl manufacturers such as Amerimax (which also has lots of color options), Sunrise (which has a nice thin frame) or Okna.

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Pella Impervia Windows Cost

I recently got a quote on the Pella Impervia. Love to get your take. The quote was for 11 windows and it came out to $1550 installed. And this was just when they cut the window out and swap it for the new one. Doesn’t it seem high to you?

Cheryl - Homeowner - from 2023

[Site Editor's Answer]

Cheryl, $1550 for an insert window seems a little high to me. But this is on the Pella Impervia window, which is typically quite expensive. The better question is whether I think it’s worth $1550 per window. The answer to this question is no. For $1500, I think there are a lot better options out there. I can send you a list of my favorite fiberglass windows for you to take a look. I don’t love the Impervia for a few different reasons, one of which is I just don’t think it’s a very high-quality series. I think there are better options available, but they will probably run about this same amount. But you will be getting a much better window series.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2023

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