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Explore Superior Windows prices and costs on many of their most popular replacement windows and sliding doors.

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Superior Window vs. Window World

We have had two quotes for windows that are so different that it makes us wonder about the companies. The quote was on 20 windows in the Houston area – one quote (Window World) was $6800 and the other (Superior Window) was $15,000. It appeared the windows were the same except Superior Window did seem to have steel inside the frame which I don’t remember if Window World did and he indicated that was to prevent bending. With such a wide range on quote, brings questions to mind. Any reviews you can share about the two companies to assist with a decision?

Jeanne - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Jeanne, vinyl windows often look the same -- it's like if I looked under the hood of two cars they'd look exactly the same to me. There are very significant differences that will become evident 5, 7, 9 years down the road as parts break or locks fail etc. The vinyl extrusions, tolerances, manufacturing processes, glass, components, fit, finish etc all factor into making a quality vinyl window or a cheap one. That doesn't factor in installation, which is obviously an important component as well.

Window World sells what I consider to be a poor product from a long term cost perspective. But their prices are cheap, I'll give them that. Some consumers have told me that their local WW branch comes out and fixes the windows every time there is a problem, which begs the question, why not go with a cheap vinyl window that comes with a lifetime warranty? On the flip side, I've heard of very poor experiences with WW (its a franchise so each one is run independently). When there were issues, they were left high and dry more or less. This can make for an expensive and frustrating experience if you have to switch them out again after 8 years.

I don't know much about Superior Windows so I can't comment on their windows. They probably buy their vinyl windows from another company and relabel them -- I'm basing this on their website. The price they quoted you seems high, although I have no idea about your project details. I would ask them to give you the specific numbers for the exact window you are buying (see below) and compare the bid to a couple more bids, which I think you should get.

I would say that the WW is going to be the lowest bid you get and the Superior is going to be the highest. $750 a window should get you a VERY good vinyl window. Zen windows sells Soft-Lite windows and their Lotus and Nirvana models are quite good. I believe they have a branch in your area. Don Young also makes a good vinyl window and they make a very good aluminum window. Get a bid from them as well.

U Factor: .30 or lower, lower the better
Air Infiltration: .12 or lower, lower the better, .05 or lower is considered excellent
Design Pressure: 30 or higher, the higher the better

Dane - Site Editor - from 2017

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