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Fiberglass Windows Cost And Consumer Price Quotes

Today we are going to explore what fiberglass windows cost in 2023. Fiberglass windows account for roughly 20% of all new construction and replacement windows sold in the United States -- and many consumers want to know "what will fiberglass windows cost me in 2023?" The short answer is this -- it's a tricky question to answer — but I’m going to do my best to give you concrete price numbers.

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Fiberglass Windows Cost In 2023

I'm going to break the answer into two basic cost categories: premium fiberglass window costs and mid range fiberglass window costs. There really isn't much in terms of entry level fiberglass windows -- and this is unlike vinyl windows where nearly half of them are I would say in that entry level price point.

Vinyl vs Fiberglass Window Costs

To begin with, fiberglass window costs typically run 30% to 35% more than vinyl window costs. In 2023, I estimated vinyl windows cost anywhere between $300 and $1200 per window fully installed. That means that 2023 fiberglass windows cost anywhere from $800 to $1600 per window fully installed. Now, you may get a bid over this $1600 price point — but I would be wary of anything exceeding this -- unless the installation costs justify the price point and this brings me to...

Fiberglass Window Cost Pro Tip #1

Always ask the company giving you a bid if they can break down the cost into the price of the fiberglass window itself and the installation cost. This will often keep them a little more honest and allows you to ask questions like -- how are you charging me $600 to install a single window? If they stumble on the answer, it probably means they are overcharging you on the bid.

Premium Fiberglass Window Costs In 2023

Let’s start out with premium fiberglass window costs — so in 2023 I would put this at $1600 to $1200 per window fully installed. It’s worth nothing that this price point is $150 to $250 more than 2021 and 2022 pricing due to inflation, supply chain issues, and higher than normal consumer demand.

Main Cost Factors

So there are two factors that make up this price range — the brand and quality of the fiberglass window, and the type of installation required. As a rule of thumb, retrofit installation should run $150 per window, while full frame installation can run $250 to $500 per window, depending on the condition of your current window frames and sills.

High end fiberglass window should have some or all of these features: a true sloped sill which better removes water and moisture as compared with a weep hole system, triple weatherstripping, tight and clean corner welds, precise custom molds for each fiberglass piece of the mainframe, sill, and lift rail, a solid mainframe wall thickness, upgraded hardware, a high end IGU or insulated glass unit, and finally structural reinforcements in the sash and lift rail. These high end features result in a quality window build, with very low tolerances and superior energy efficiency that can be seen in the data performance numbers. In addition, high end fiberglass windows will often be available in a wider array of color and finish options.

Fiberglass Window Cost Pro Tip #2

High end fiberglass windows make a lot of sense if you plan to stay in your home long term. If not, go with a mid range fiberglass window or a high end vinyl window.

Mid Range 2023 Fiberglass Window Costs

Alright, let’s turn to mid range 2023 fiberglass window costs and we are estimating that that price point is $800 to $1200 per window fully installed. Again this is $150 to $250 more than in 2021 and 2022 due to the reasons I mentioned before. So this price point is usually for a company's drop down series or the mid range series that's a step down from their premium series. It could also simply be a brand that is not quite as well reputed or as well built as the premium fiberglass products out there. It also probably means a retrofit installation or a simple application of a full frame installation — meaning there isn’t much damage to your current sills and/or frames.

Now a drop down fiberglass window from that premium or high end series doesn’t mean it’s not a good window. Often, but not always, the mid range series uses the same main frame and sash as the premium series, but doesn't include some of the fancier features. Instead, it might use double weatherstripping, a slightly less robust IGU or insulated glass unit, vinyl hardware instead of metal, and it might not be available in as many frame colors or finishes.

Fiberglass Window Cost Pro Tip #3

The best bang for your buck is probably going to be a drop down fiberglass series from a quality brand that uses the same mainframe and sash as their premium series, but simply doesn’t include some of the fancier bells and whistles.

Entry Level 2023 Fiberglass Window Costs

I’d mentioned this before but I think it bears repeating that fiberglass windows are not really available in an entry level price point. They simply don’t appeal to a budget minded consumer because this window material runs 30% to 35% more than vinyl windows. As a general rule, the window itself will account for 65% of the project cost total, while the labor cost or installation cost will account for the remaining 35%. This can certainly vary based on the project requirements, but it's a good rule of thumb to be aware of.

Additional Cost Factors

At the beginning of the video, I mentioned that fiberglass window costs can be very difficult to estimate -- and I wanted to quickly run through a list of factors that can drive per window price up or down. We've already touched on installation, which can run anywhere from $500 to $150 per window. Other factors include any specialty windows or custom configurations you may have, the size of your windows or the lineal feet of material required, any custom color frames, your homes outside material, whether you want exterior capping on the frames, any upgrades to the glass package, lead removal fees, and finally adding grids to your windows.

There are quite a few more options than what I just listed here, but hopefully this gives you a general understanding of how many pieces and options go into pricing out fiberglass windows.

Fiberglass Window Cost Pro Tip #4

The only real way to get a true fair market price on your project is by collecting multiple bids. My recommendation is three or more. The good news here is that these bids are free. The bad news is that they can be time consuming. If you can try and get into the mind set that free professional bids and advice can save you thousands on your new windows, it can go a long ways to making the process go more smoothly for you.

A Quick Final Word

Alright, so there it is, our attempt to answer the question of how much do fiberglass windows cost in 2023! If you have any additional question on fiberglass window cost quotes, please send Dane your questions.

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