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Sears Price Bid

Hello. we have 42 total windows, including 32 double hung windows, 2 picture windows and several smaller windows over the double hungs. Thanks!

Revere Berkshire Elite: 24k
Vytex Potomac: 24K
Sears: 25k
Thompson Creek: 32k
Okna Windows: 40k

Luis - Homeowner - from 2020

Sears Windows Cost

I have 13 window openings. 3 @ 48x24/ 1 @35x24/ 1@35x36/ 2@48x47; 1@48x70; 1@ 71x48; 2@47x70 and 1@35x71 A lot of the original windows were 23" wide with three to an opening. I am looking to preplace them all as they were clouded with argon glass. The home is brick. Should I go back with aluminum? vinyl? wood? or fiberglass. Should I go to a single slider in the odd oppenings and two 46" double hung in the fireplace room vs a picture window? Help! Sears came out and bid 15,079 for the weatherbeater plus I don't want to go with them after reading your reviews. Should I choose Window World or get a local who does windows for $100 each install and order from San Antonio manuracturer. I NEED INPUT!

Jan - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Jan, first of all, you need to get a few bids to see what the going rate is for the job. 13 windows for $15K at the size openings you mentioned seems very expensive. I would recommend a high end vinyl window, although since you are in texas you could always consider aluminum, but start out with vinyl bids to see what you think.

I would get a bid from a local company who sells the Milgard Tuscany. Don Young windows are quite good. I know there is a Champion window branch in your area as well. Start with these and see what you get. I think the Milgard Tuscany is a nice mid range vinyl window that is well priced and good quality.

In regards to the style of window you should select, I think you need to defer to functionality. If you need and operable window for ventilation, go with a slider or a double hung, the double hung may get better performance, but some homeowners like the ease of use with a slider. If you aren't going to be opening the window, then you want a picture window because it will provide more energy efficiency.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

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