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Window Source 6000 Quote

We're in Indiana in and need to replace 30 windows.

Apex Insignia Bid: $22,000 (we have to carry a sign in the yard)

Alside Mezzo Bid $20,500

Window Source 6000 Bid: $19,875

Paul - Homeowner - from 2018

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Window Source 9000 Series Cost

Hi Dane and Tim, first of all, I enjoy reading your website and have used it a lot. I wanted to reach out to ask your opinion on four vinyl basement replacement windows. We've received bids from 7-8 different companies and still have a couple more to go, but we've tried to narrow it down.

All of these companies are reputable in the Kansas City area and seem to really stand by their work. I've maybe even done too much research, but that's kind of how I am. Each window set offered in the packages below are energy efficient, double-paned with a low U-factor, and have other features as well.

Please note, all four of these companies' prices include installation and are before I do any negotiation or try to work the price down (which I have to assume all four companies would do to earn our business). Also, I know Company 4 has a price match guarantee for a similar quality window.

Company 1: Heartland Hampton Series slider or fixed / $1,590 ($397/window)

Company 2: Andersen 100 Series slider / $1,621 ($405/window)

Company 3: Wincore 7700 picture / $2,182 ($545/window)

Company 4: Window Source (made by Great Lakes) 9000 DH hopper / $2,320 (a fifth window was included in the bid for free; $464/window if including fifth)

We're trying to make a decision in the next 1-2 weeks, so any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks very much!

Jonathan - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Jonathan, I looked up the window source GL 9000 window series, and was impressed. $464 for a solid vinyl window with the triple pane has got to be at the top of the list price wise. The Window Source of KC gets 31 5 star reviews on google and 19 5 star reviews on home advisor.

The Andersen 100 slider is a nice window and well priced. A better looking window probably than the GL 9000, but a less energy efficient one. $405 is a great price for this window.

The Wincore 7700 is a nice window, but I’m not sure it’s worth the extra cost over the Great Lakes.

Based on the prices I’m seeing nationwide, the quotes you are getting seem really solid. I like all three of these windows, so I would have to look at head to head price and installation company reviews. For me, that puts the Great Lakes from Window Source at the top of the heap.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2021

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