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Vinyl Window Prices 2023

Today we are going to explore what vinyl windows cost in 2023. We will break it down into high end, mid range, and entry level price ranges, as well as provide thoughtful discussions on what cost factors can drive project prices either up or down.

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Premium Vinyl Window Costs In 2023

So let’s start by taking a look at high end vinyl window costs. In 2023, a high end vinyl window might run $900 to $1200 per window fully installed. And this is $100 to $200 more than 2021 and 2022 pricing due to inflation, continuing supply chain issues, and increased consumer demand. This is a big price tag in my opinion — so let’s talk about what gets us to that thousand dollar and high per window price point.

Two Main Window Replacement Cost Factors

The two biggest factors are obviously the quality of the window, but also the type of installation required. In terms of installation, there are two main types: there’s retrofit (sometimes simply called replacement windows) and then there is full frame installation. As a rule of thumb, retrofit window installation should run like $150 per window, while full frame replacement will run anywhere from $250 to $500 per window. So for this $1200 price point that I mentioned, this should really be full frame installation that you require.

Vinyl Windows Cost 2023 Pro Tip #1

High end vinyl windows make a lot of sense from a value perspective if you plan to stay in your home long term or if your budget allows.

High End Vinyl Window Features

Now let’s look at the windows themselves. So a high end vinyl window should have some or all of these features (and I’m not going to go too in depth on these, but here are some highlights): a true sloped sill which better removes water and moisture over a weep hole system, triple weatherstripping, really tight and clean corner welds, precise custom molds for each piece of the mainframe and sill, a really solid vinyl wall thickness, upgraded hardware, a high end IGU or insulated glass unit, and finally frame fills for structural reinforcement in the sash and lift rail. The end result is a high quality build, with very low tolerances in the overall window. In addition, most high end vinyl windows come in more options in terms of colors and finishes inside and out.

The end result should be reflected in the performance data, particularly in the U-value, Air infiltration rate, condensation resistance, and the design pressure numbers. A truly well made vinyl window should last 40 to 50 years, while poorly made vinyl windows will begin to break down after 10 to 12 years.

Vinyl Windows Cost 2023 Pro Tip #2

If you want a truly great window, AND you love the look of wood on the inside of your home, consider an interior wood laminate on a high end vinyl window. These laminates definitely add to the overall cost per window, but they mimic the look of wood really well and kind of give you the best of both worlds — the look of wood with the energy efficiency and longevity of a vinyl window. Check them out on some of the high end websites like Okna or Sunrise to see what I mean in terms of how well they look like the actual wood grain — especially because you almost always put a stain or varnish on real wood windows so they’re often indistinguishable until you get right up close.

Mid Range Vinyl Window Costs In 2023

Alright so onto mid range vinyl windows costs in 2023 and we are going to put that number at $600 to $900 per window fully installed. Again this is $100 to $200 more than in 2021 and 2022 due to the reasons I mentioned before. So this price point probably involves a drop down window from that premium series we just talked about. It also probably means a retrofit installation or a simple application of a full frame installation — meaning there isn’t much damage to your current sills and/or frames.

Mid Range Vinyl Window Features

Okay, let’s talk about these windows. Here’s the good news — a drop down window from that premium or high end series doesn’t mean it’s not a good window. Often, but not always, the mid range series uses the exact same main frame and sash as the premium series, but doesn't include some of the fancier features. Instead, it might use double weatherstripping, a slightly less robust IGU or insulated glass unit, vinyl hardware instead of metal, and is often available in less frame colors or finishes. There are loads of mid range vinyl windows and they are definitely not all the same. The mid range window from one brand can be very different in quality from another. And this is where window brand is quite important.

Vinyl Windows Cost 2023 Pro Tip #3

The best bang for your buck is probably a drop down window from a quality brand that uses the same mainframe and sash as a premium series, but simply doesn’t include some of the fancy bells and whistles. A good example of this is the Sunrise Standard or Classic window as compared to their premium series called the Restorations. Both of these windows use the same mainframe and sash, but the Restorations comes standard with some really nice upgrades. However, that classic or standard series Sunrise is still a very good vinyl window in and of itself and will usually run $200 less per window than the Restorations series.

Entry Level Vinyl Window Features

Okay, finally, let’s take a look at entry level vinyl windows. And trust me when I say, there are literally hundreds of mediocre to pretty decent vinyl windows out there. We’re going to put this price range at say $300 to $600 per window installed in 2023. Now, as a consumer, you want to get that pretty decent vinyl window as opposed to the mediocre vinyl window at this price point. Poorly made vinyl windows will often start breaking down at the 8 to 10 year mark, which could result in you needing to replace them after 15 to 20 years. If this is the case, you would have been much better off financially to get the better made more expensive vinyl window, which would have last 40 years or more.

Toward the top of our entry level vinyl window price point -- $500 to $600 per window fully installed, we are still talking about a bid from a dealer on a quality but not fancy, brand. This might include Simonton, Ply Gem, Atrium, or Wincore. This price point is probably on retrofit installation and wouldn't include any other add ons like exterior capping etc.

At the bottom of our entry level price point would involve you going to say a Home Depot and buying a pre made window right off the shelf. Let's say this runs you $175 and you pay your local installer $125 for the labor or installation. so that would mean $300 out the door. And that, in a nutshell, is your basic vinyl window cost range in 2023 -- anywhere from $1200 to $300 per window fully installed. As a general rule of thumb, the window itself will account for 65% of the project total and the installation or labor cost will account for the remaining 35%. This percentage breakdown will vary based on the project requirements, but it's a good basic price breakdown to be aware of.

Additional Vinyl Window Cost Factors

Now I said at the outset that nailing down price per window installed is very difficult to estimate. Without going into detail on the following I wanted to provide a list of some of the factors that can drive cost per window up or down. We touched on installation, which can run $150 to $500 per window based on the type of installation and the condition of the window frames and sills. Other factors include any specialty windows required -- like garden windows, or eyebrow windows as examples, the overall sizes of the windows, custom color exterior frames, the external material of our home, if you need exterior capping on your window frames, any glass package upgrades, lead removal fees, and finally adding grids to the windows.

Vinyl Windows Cost 2023 Pro Tip #4

The only real way to get a true and fair market price on your vinyl window replacement project is to go out and get three to four quality bids from local dealers. The good news here is this: unlike other home services, these bids are free. When a plumber or electrician comes to your home, you're paying them a service fee regardless of if they find and/or fix the problem. Window bids are totally free -- yes they can be a pain and yes they can be time consuming, -- but if you stick to the mind set that you're getting free professional advice and price quotes, then I think its a pretty fair trade. Add to this the fact that 4 quotes can usually save you thousands in cost as opposed to just agreeing to the first quote and you get a pretty fair compromise.

A Quick Final Word

Alright, so there it is, our best attempt to answer the question of "how much do vinyl windows cost in 2023?"" If you have any additional questions or you’d like our free list of recommended vinyl windows, shoot us an email and let us know what's on your mind.

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