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Wasco Windows Prices And Consumer Cost Quotes

Explore Wasco windows prices on their Legacy, Premium and European style vinyl window series. In general, Wasco windows are considered a decent, middle of the road vinyl window option. The company is headquartered in Miwaukee, Wisconsin and is a regional manufacturer that sells in many of the surrounding states through a series of dealers and distributorships. The prices below are average prices per square foot, however, there are a number of different variables that will affect costs, including glass package, hardware, spacers, glass fills etc.

The company uses quality parts and components, including REHAU vinyl mainframes, double strength Cardinal LoE180 glass, heavy duty hardware, argon fills, full aluminum screens and a non metallic SuperSpacer. The company delivers their Premium and European windows up to 200 miles (minimum purchase is required. In terms of the Wasco window warranty, they offer a lifetime warranty on their vinyl windows that includes accidental glass breakage.

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Legacy Wasco Window Prices

The Wasco Legacy vinyl window is the company's entry level window that is comparable in cost and quality to Norandex View Point windows and the Simonton Assure Series.

-- Standard Installation: $50 to $125 per opening --

-- Fully Installed: $40 to $50 psf --

European Wasco Window Costs

The Wasco European window is a tilt and turn style that can be ordered as a single hung or in the French style, which allows both of the panes to be opened. The Wasco European Series is comparable to Sunrise window costs and Wallside Windows prices.

-- Standard Installation: $50 to $125 per opening --

-- Fully Installed: $50 to $65 psf --

Premium Wasco Windows Cost

The Wasco Premium window The Wasco Premium Series is comparable to Preservation windows cost and the Premium option from Stanek Windows

-- Standard Installation: $50 to $125 per opening --

-- Fully Installed: $55 to $70 psf --

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