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Krestmark Windows Prices And Consumer Cost Quotes

Explore Krestmark windows prices and costs on their most popular series, including the 100, 200, 220, 250 and 400 windows. The company is based out of Dallas Texas and produces both vinyl and aluminum new and replacement windows. Read all of our Krestmark Windows reviews.

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Krestmark 100 Series

Krestmark 100 windows are a new construction aluminum window that uses a spiral balance, while the 175 Series includes a bottom tilt feature that uses the block and tackle balancing system. The 100 series can be ordered as a single hung, slider, picture window and several architectural shapes as well. With their E66 glass option that includes LoE and grills, the window will generate a 0.49 U-factor, 0.23 SHGC and 0.50 VT.

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Krestmark 200 Series

The Krestmark 200 windows are a new construction entry level vinyl window. The 275 series includes a faux exterior brickmoulding that can be ordered as a single hung, slider, picture window and several architectural shapes as well.

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Krestmark 220 Series

Krestmark 220 vinyl windows are the company's replacement window option that comes in a 3" mainframe, tilt in sash on the single hung, block and tackle balancing system, reinforced sash rail, multichambered extrusion and 3 exterior color options. The window does requires several glazing upgrades in order meet the Energy Stat guidelines. For instance, with their E66 glass option that includes LoE and grills, the window will generate a 0.33 U-factor, 0.20 SHGC and 0.46 VT.

Krestmark 200 Series Quote

Hi Dane, I’m building a new home that has 37 windows. I’ve gotten a quote for Krestmark 200 series and Legacy. I’ve been reading reviews so now I’m so confused. What vinyl window brand would you recommend for on the low end of the price spectrum? What would you recommend mid range?

Thanks So Much for your opinion. I’m needing to place my order and can’t pull the trigger. Need help

I've received quotes for Krestmark $5400 which was 1/2 the price of the quote I received for Wincore windows $10,500.

I've also received quotes for Legacy $6200 and MI windows $6700

Is Krestmark, Legacy or MI windows good or do I need to bite the bullet and stepup to the Wincore?

This is new construction. There's 37 windows total. Some are small transoms. The majority are 3050

Debbie - Homeowner - from 2020

[Website Editor Answers]

Debbie, it's tough to make recommendations on lower end windows, but here are four. They're probably more like mid range windows, to be honest: Simonton Daylight Max Series, Ply Gem Pro Series, Milgard Styleline Series, and Wincore 5400 Series. Reliabilt (Atrium) might be one that I would recommend that is sort of a low end price point. They are usually available at Home Depot. Amsco might be another brand that is a decent lower price point window.

Those are very low quotes for 37 windows. I understand some are small, but 37 windows for 10,500 is extremely low. I estimate that $400 to $500 is about what people are paying to replace a standard window size with a solid mid range window.

The answer to whether you should replace your windows with a Krestmark for $5200 or Wincore for $10,500 is a tricky one. I would say the Krestmark is probably on par with an MI or Legacy so the Krestmark makes sense here. It is cheap, but you are putting a pretty low end window in your home. If you don't plan to be there for more than 10 years, I think you have your answer.

I will say I don't think Wincore is worth double the price. I would say that if you could get say a Simonton Reflections 5500 in your home for $12,000 or thereabouts, that might be an option. That's a good, sturdy, well made window that will last.

I think your choice needs to be based on your timeline and budget.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2020

Krestmark 220 Series vs. Don Young Windows

I am considering two quotes for window replacement. One quote is for Don Young windows at a total replacement cost including installation of $8700. The next best quote is a Krestmark 220 series windows for $5800.

Bill - Homeowner - from 2018

Krestmark 250 Series

Krestmark 250 windows are their casement and awning windows that are sold as new construction.

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Krestmark 400 Series

Krestmark 400 windows are a new construction vinyl window that can also be ordered as a replacement unit as well. The window has clean lines and a nice design. With their E66 glass option that includes LoE, argon gas and grills, the window will generate a 0.27 U-factor, 0.23 SHGC and 0.54 VT.

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Krestmark Windows Warranty

Krestmark offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty that is not transferrable to any subsequent owners. The warranty applies to the mainframe, sills and all components. The insulating glass is warrantied for a period of 10 years, although the company covers a smaller percentage each year on a graduated basis. There are lots of exclusions included in the warranty so consumers are strongly advised to thoroughly read the warranty for themselves to completely understand exactly what is covered and what is not covered in the terms, etc.

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