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Gilkey Window Prices

Explore Gilkey windows prices and costs on their most popular replacement fiberglass and vinyl window series.

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Gilkey Windows Reviews | G Series | Series 6

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Gilkey Windows vs Soft-Lite Elements

Hi Dane, we are looking to replace 11 windows and have two bids so far. The Gilkey seems more sturdy and the installers work for the company so I feel like I know where to go if there are problems. But the Soft-Lite has better numbers.

Soft Lite Elements Window: $679 -- triple paned with a U value of .19

Gilkey 366 Window: $800 with a U value of .26

Ann - Homeowner - from 2016

Gilkey G Windows Prices

The Gilkey G fiberglass window is a nice enough unit, with a sloped sill, and fusion weld sashes. It comes standard with a 3/4" glass and is available as a triple pane. Consumers can expect U-values as low as 0.19 (in the triple pane) and an air infiltration of a .11, which is a decent number.

Dane - Site Editor

Gilkey G Window vs. Inline 900 Series

We need to replace 20 windows, all in the medium size range and all in a nice low-e glass option.

Inline 900 Window: $9,150

Revere Berkshire Elite Window: $9,890

Gilkey G Window: $15,675

Walden - Homeowner - 2014

Gilkey Series 6 Windows Prices

Gilkey Series 6 vs. 10

I live in Illinois and have 15 slider and casement windows that need to be replace. We've been considering both the Gilkey Series 6 and 10.

Gilkey Series 6: $11,060 (.16 U value and .36 SHGC)

Gilkey Series 10: $12,000 (.10 U-value and .33 SHGC)

Larry - Homeowner - 2010

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