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Fiberglass Windows Reviews

Explore fiberglass windows reviews to find the best products and series from top quality manufacturers.

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Best Fiberglass Window

Vinyl is a good material for windows, but if you don't like it for some reason, fiberglass is good too. I'm not a fan of Renewal By Andersen, they are made with vinyl resins, so if you don't like vinyl what's the point? And they are just a mediocre window. You can't do much better with the Marvin Infinity, but I think the best fiberglass is the Inline. They have been making them a while and have a good, solid product.

Wayne - Contractor - from 2012

Integrity As An Option

A lot depends on where you are, what style of home you're building, and the materials you're working with, but I like the Marvin Integrity option. It's a good fiberglass window with very good ratings. It's probably a bit out of your budget, but I can't really recommend going any cheaper. Bad windows are going to mess with the look of your home, energy bills, and can even lead to water damage and other problems. I don't think they're a good place to cut costs.

Michael - Contractor - from 2012

Milgard Fiberglass Windows

Milgard makes fiberglass windows in two series, Ultra and Woodclad. Ultra has a white fiberglass interior and Woodclad, obviously, has an interior wood veneer. Both are pretty high as far as price goes, probably on par with a Marvin Integrity and Andersen 100 are both fairly similar, but cost less, and they are just as good as far as construction and customer service. Milgard fiberglass windows are nice, but I'm not sure they are worth the extra cost.

Howard - Installer - from 2011

Marvin vs Milgard

I've done a lot of jobs with the Milgard Ultra and the Marvin Infinity. They are both really good, but they have their strengths and weaknesses. They both make a good casement, but the infinity is a better double hung. Milgard has a better warranty, but I think that a lot of times companies that have a good warranty do it because they need it. You don't need a good warranty if the window doesn't have problems. I think warranties are there to protect the company, not their customers. They keep people from being too upset when there's a problem. Both of them are well made and look good. I think most people would be happy with either option.

Jonathan – Installer – 2009

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Fiberglass vs. Vinyl

A lot of people just get vinyl windows because they're most common, but it's important to think about your materials. Fiberglass costs a good bit more than a premium vinyl, as much as 1.5X more. They cost a lot more to manufacture and assemble. Vinyl windows alone are usually going to get better thermal ratings, but when you consider foam insulation, they are comparable. I don't know any installers who don't use foam insulation these days. Fiberglass is also stronger than vinyl, so you can have a thinner profile and larger glass area when you go with fiberglass. There is less expansion and contraction with temperature changes, so you're likely to have a longer lasting window, and the surface paints better than vinyl. You can't really say one material is better than another, it's all about what you want your window to do and look like, and what you can afford.

Wayne - Contractor - from 2010

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