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Marvin Integrity Window Prices

Marvin Integrity window prices fall in the mid range for most fiberglass windows. In general, the cost of this well made fiberglass frame window will depend on the following factors - how large or small the window opening, the distributor you buy from, the glass package you select, all upgrades you select (including hardware material, spacers, add ons, etc.) and the installation specifics. The Integrity is considered a good window (all windows from Marvin are given the thumbs up from most contractors) - it lacks some of the options that are available in the Infinity (also from Marvin, about $75 more) - typically there will not be as many color and finish options or hardware options available for the Integrity Series.

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Marvin Integrity vs Infinity

Most industry experts consider the Infinity Series to be a better looking window in general. One note though - the Integrity is available with a real wood interior option (not available for the Infinity), which makes it a really good low end wood clad option for homeowners who really want wood clad in their homes. The window is therefore available with the Ultrex exterior and wood interior or with the Ultrex exterior and interior. The Integrity comes with a lifetime warranty on glass and a 20 year warranty on glass.

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Integrity Pricing From Homeowners

Homeowner 1
9 Casements (Wood Interior)
Size: 30"W x 42"H
Cost: $660 each
Included installation.
Location: California
Project from 2012

Homeowner 2
DHs (Wood Interior)
Sizes: 36"W x 72"H
Cost: $640 each
Included installation
Location: North Carolina
Project from 2011

Homeowner 3
DHs Ultrex (Wood Interiors)
Sizes: 24"W x 48"H
Cost: $500 each
Included installation
Location: North Carolina
Project from 2010

Homeowner 4
DHs All Ultrex
Sizes: 24"W x 36"W
Cost: $575 each
Included installation
Location: California
Project from 2006

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