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Window Replacement Cost Estimator Calculator

Our window replacement cost estimator calculator should help you find price estimates for your next home improvement project. We think it's as close to perfect as any cost calculator out there. Click to scroll down to the cost calculator. We built the calculator to include (nearly) all of the primary components that go into home window pricing -- without getting too far into the weeds. For instance, we could have added grids to the price components, but the upgrade cost is so minimal (typically $25 per window) that we decided to let that one go. Most everything else, we kept in.

Dane - Site Editor

"We buit this calculator to include all of the primary components that go into window replacement pricing -- without getting too far into the weeds. This should account for 90% of all cost factors."

Having said all that, no cost calculator is perfect for one very good reason -- most residential replacement projects have unique circumstances that no estimator can account for. For instance, if your window frames have wood rot, the frames should be replaced with new wood to avoid water or moisture leaking behind the window and causing problems inside the walls. That cost is going to be specific to the project itself.

Anyway we hope you enjoy our window replacement cost calculator -- play around with it -- but then fill out our simple window company form and get three actual bids on your project -- we will help you out on any of the bids you receive!

Dane - Site Editor

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Window Replacement Cost Estimator Calculator Q#1

This first question asks for the type of window you are interested in getting cost information for. Different styles of windows have varying price points. Our window price estimator includes the following options: Awning Window, Fixed Frame, Bay Or Bow, Casement, Double Hung, Sliding, Single Hung and Tilt Turn. Fixed windows are going to be the least expensive window as they contain no components or hardware -- just an IGU and frame. At the opposite end of the cost spectrum are bay and bow windows, which run thousands of dollars as they typically contain three, four, or more windows, along with a custom "box" unit that frames and secures the

Window Replacement Cost Estimator Q#2

Question number 2 deals asks what window frame material you would like to get pricing on. Frame material chooses include viny, composite, aluminum, fiberglass, and wood clad. There are big differences in the price of say a vinyl window compared with a wood clad. While vinyl is the least expensive, fiberglass, aluminum, and composite are in the middle, and wood clad is the most expensive option.

Replacement Window Cost Estimator Q#3

Question 3 asks for the overall quality of the window you would like to purchase. The three options include entry level, mid range, and high end. There are huge price differences between entry level and premium level windows. Just for vinyl windows, there can be a thousand dollar cost per window difference between the least expensive and most expensive option.

Window Replacement Cost Estimator Q#4

Question 4 asks about the type of installation you will require. Options include retrofit, retrofit with additional work, and full frame installation. Retrofit installation might run $125 per window while fulle frame installation can run as much as $450 per window. Obviously, this is a massive difference when applied to a large number of replacements.

Window Replacement Cost Estimator Q#5

The additional questions on our replacement window cost calculator account for additional upgrades that consumers can opt for: custom frame color, glass package upgrade, foam fills in the frame, and a lift rail reinforcement. All of these upgrades will add to the cost per window price in the results page -- in case that wasn't obvious. Something to note here: If you opt for a "high end" quality (question 3), you will already be getting a glass package upgrade so make sure not to click this option. This also applies to (but not always) foam fills in the window frame, and a lift rail reinforcement. Custom frame color is another beast entirely. These often add 30% to the cost of the individual window, although we simply added $200 to the cost for custom frame color selection.

Window Cost Estimator Question

Hello Dane, came across your website and it's quite helpful for homeowners like me. I am looking to replace 27 year-old windows (1996 came with new constructed home) that are, I feel sure are contractor-level. I've received two bids thus far:

1. Mi Series 1555 low-e with argon installed for $13,800

2. Atrium Series 40 low-e with installed for $13,200

From reviewing all your information these also appear entry-level and since my home faces setting sun in the afternoons the home can get warm. Am looking to improve that situation with better replacements, which I've had a supply house tell me that even entry-level options like the above will be "100% better than what you have now" which makes sense. He also said to bump up to a higher grade option will likely be 20-25% price increase tied to better vinyl construction and now the low-e glass. I am likely to stay in my home another 3-7 years.

While I did not see a review for Atrium on your website, using your estimator even the mid-grade price out at near $11k which seems to allow for a higher level install. Of course the

cheap windows score out near $7k.

Do you have any thoughts on Atrium Series 40 and are your window replacement cost estimator prices relevant to today's market pricing? Or are these dated (pre-pandemic) estimate ranges?


Jerry - Homeowner - from 2023

[Site Editor's Answer]

Jerry, I have worked hard to TRY to make that calculator as realistic as possible! The prices are meant to be what I THINK homeowners should be paying :) Maybe I'm still unrealistic --

$700 for a mid range double hung vinyl with retrofit install and some additional work -- I feel like that's right -- in 2021 I had it at $500 and now I have it at $700! What is happening to replacement window prices these days, it's pretty crazy...

$915 for a premium double hung vinyl with retrofit install and some additional work -- I feel like that's right too.

Anyway, the MI 1555 is an okay option -- on par with the Atrium 40 I would say. Probably good for 5 years.

Still...get a couple more bids just to see if those prices are right for your project.

Is this a retrofit install or full frame replacement.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2023

Window Installation Cost

Just out of curiosity, what would you say the normal window installation cost is for replacements?

Barmon - Homeowner - from 2023

[Site Editor's Answer]


Dane - Site Editor - from 2023

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