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United Windows vs Pella

United Windows vs Pella

United Windows vs Pella - while United is aregional vinyl window manufacturer, Pella is nationwide and isn't limited to just vinyl models.

Bottom Line: United is going to be much more geared toward consumers looking for an entry level type vinyl window at a reasonable price point. Pella is going to be quite a bit more in terms of cost, although their Encompass series might be a good comparison in terms of price to some of United's premium series. Pella enjoys the much better reputation I would say over United.

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United Costs: $$/$$$
(2/3 out of 5)

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United Windows vs Pella

Company Information

United is based in Springfield, New Jersey and has been making windows and doors in some fashion or another since 1951. They aren't super well known outside of the states in which they sell their windows - and they tend to price out their products at an entry level price point. They are a regional manufacturer. United Windows Reviews

Pella is certainly not a regional manufacturer like United. In fact, they are one of the two most well known brands in the United States - the other being Andersen Windows. They have been in the business for over 100 years and are based in Pella, Iowa. They enjoy a very solid reputation in the industry for making high end wood clad windows. Pella Windows Reviews

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What They Sell

United sells a number of replacement and new construction vinyl and storm windows, as well as patio and entry doors. Their most popular series include the 3800, 4500, 5800, 7400, Distinct, and Bold Collection. The Bold Collection is somewhat unique in that it has an Onyx black interior exterior frame that addresses the consumer demand for dark window frames. In general, the company manufactures lower end to mid range vinyl windows and doors.

Pella sells and markets four distinct vinyl window series: their entry level Encompass, 250 series (sold in Lowes and elsewhere), the Hurricane Shield (impact) and Defender series (also an impact). They sell a fiberglass model in the Impervia series, and wood-clad options in the entry level Lifestyle, high end Architect, and ultra high end Reserve series.

How They Market

United sells their products through local companies spread throughout the surrounding states, as well as to larger builders and developers. There's a place for United in the marketplace for budget-conscious consumers.

Pella sells and markets through Lowes for their 250 vinyl window series, as well as through an extensive network of local dealers (in all 50 states) on their higher end windows. In addition, they market and sell to larger contractors and developers. In a nutshell, Pella markets using all manner of distribution channels because they are so large nd can do so.

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Cost Comparison

United Windows Cost run 2 to 3.5 out of 5 amongst all vinyl windows.

Pella Windows Cost are some of the most expensive on the market - at least for their Impervia and wood-clad options. Pella vinyl windows tend to be much more in that mid range price point, although a portion of that cost is due to the Pella name more than to its inherent quality - fyi.

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