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Read Venetian Windows reviews page to discover more about this vinyl window that is manufactured by Alside windows.

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Alside Venetian vs Apex Insignia Windows

I have two different company visit one selling Venetian and the other Insignia windows. The quote for 23 windows and one door. Venetian windows were close to 21,000 and the Insignia was about 18,400. I know that Alslide makes both windows which is the better window and price. Thank you.

James - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Hi James, thanks for your question, it is an interesting one. First off, I'd never heard of Venetian windows by Alside and when I went to look them up online, I couldn't tell exactly what I was looking for. I'm going to assume that its this Energy One company that looks like it has branches in Austin, Dallas, Columbus, San Antonio and Phoenix. But I could be wrong.

Alside manufactures a number of windows that they then relabel under different names, including the Revelations and Apex Insignia. In each case, they seem to market the windows as uber performing vinyl products that are at the very top of the foodchain in terms of quality, parts and features. I don't think there are many credible contractors and installers who would agree with the idea that any Alside window is a top performer in the industry.

I will say the Insignia window is quite good, I was impressed with the list of features used on this window. However, it is being pitched to you at $800 per window. The Venetian is being pitched to you at $915 per window.

In my opinion, no Alside window in the world is worth that much. It looks like you are located in Georgia, is that right? If so, I would recommend getting a bid from PGT, Zen by Soft-Lite and possibly CWS (Custom Window Systems) and see how their window bids compare in price.

If you put my feet to the fire, I would say go with the Insignia window over the Venetian, but I would urge you to get some additional bids before proceeding with either of the bids you have.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2016

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