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VPI Windows vs Simonton Daylight Max

Dane: I am starting to replace some old vinyl windows myself and have been told that the Simonton Daylight Max is a very good window. I did replace a number of windows 5 years ago with VPI windows and they seem to be holding up fine. The windows I am replacing will be taking most of the sun exposure and I want a fairly good quality window. Can you suggest a good reliable brand that won’t get too expensive. I line in the SF bay area. I would appreciate your input.

Bill - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Bill the Simonton Daylight Max is a decent mid range window, I wouldn't put it in the same category as a top tier vinyl window. Simonton does make better windows than the Daylight Max, and these should be available on the west coast -- I'd recommend the Reflections 5000 series and the Impressions series. Additional brands to search out and get a bid on from local companies that sell these brands include Milgard, Anlin and Amerimax.

Get bids from a couple of local companies that sell this brand and compare them to the Daylight Max bid. They should be more expensive, but also provide better long term value for you and your family.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2017

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