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Replacement Windows In West Virginia

Explore replacement windows in West Virginia and find popular and available manufacturers throughout the state.

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Wincore is headquartered in Parkersburg West Virginia and was formed by ex Simonton engineers and execs who felt that this large national company wasn't producing the quality of products or offering the customer service that homeowners deserved. Their initial vision was to offer well engineered vinyl windows that were both strong and durable, but were priced out at a cost that would make them available to most homeowners. As well, Wyncourte executives and engineers wanted to create a more family feeling, instead of a more corporate structure of a large company like Simonton. As to whether there are 5400 series and 7700 series windows are better than some of the top line Simonton products, is up for question. Wincore certainly does not have the brand recognition that the company Simonton has, however they do have very solid windows and doors. However, when core windows should be available throughout the state through local reps.

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