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Replacement Windows In Virginia

Explore replacement windows in Virginia and find popular and available manufacturers throughout the state.

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Marvin Windows And Doors operates a manufacturing plant in Roanoke, Virginia. The company manufactures three main window series, including the Integrity, Infinity and Ultimate Windows. The first two are fiberglass windows, while the Ultimate is a wood window with an aluminum exterior cladding. Marvin gets some of the best and most consistent reviews from consumers and industry insiders on the quality and craftsmanship of their windows. This is not to say that there aren't customer complaints out there that have merit. However, any company that makes a million product per year is going to have some small degree of error.

All in all, Marvin a high quality manufacturer that sells relatively expensive windows. They will typically be on par with Andersen and Pella windows. Marvin Windows and Doors should be available in all 50 states to some degree. Their website does a good job of lettig consumers find a local rep who services their zip code.

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Options In Richmond Virginia

Hi Tim: this house was built in the mid 70’s, brick and aluminum sided tri-level, Richmond VA area. We’ve been here 30 years, and hope to sell in the next 3 years. 25 years ago we replaced the original windows with Caradco ( which I understand Jeld-Wen bought out since) double hung wood and aluminum clad and paid around $3800.

Two windows have begun to deteriorate, due to pulling the window to the interior to tilt for cleaning—there are no release tabs, I (female) just have to push against the sides of the interior frame (I’m not sure of technical terms) and pull and wrestle the window toward me to tilt or remove for cleaning. On one window, the lower horizontal sash of the upper window didn’t tilt easily with the rest of the window and began to split at the corner joint, and now that whole piece is (over time) crumbling down to the window sill. Of the other windows, some are difficult to push up and down and stick sometimes, others are OK.

Anyway, we debated to replace the two bad windows, or just do the whole house, 15 windows. One bay, and all the rest double hung. I just want the tab that you push or slide for the window to release for easy tilt and clean. We don’t need high end; probably low or mid grade, and I assume vinyl is what people replace with around here. I’ve seen an Okna window, and an Anderson window (too expensive), and have had folks around here mention Sunrise, Berkshire Revere, Simonton; and I’ve browsed Lowes and Home Depot.

So many choices and technical terms and overwhelming. I’m expecting around 6-7-8k for estimates. Could you make a few suggestions of a manufacturer and line (model) or options that I should consider? I just don’t want to replace with the same type that I have due to difficulties I mentioned. I do like the wood look, but am quite willing to switch to vinyl, hoping I can get an interior color besides white. Your advice/input would be greatly appreciated.


Rebecca - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Hi Rebecca. If you are leaving the house in three years, then it's tough to suggest spending a lot of money. This is where a quality Window World becomes an option. Or perhaps a decent Simonton series from HD and installation from a well reviewed window installer on yelp comes to mind.

Check to see if Ideal Windows are around your area. They are New Jersey based. but offer some really nice value on say their Platinum 3000 vinyl window. The Alside Mezzo is a decent enough vinyl window that might offer you a low per window price.

You may want to start out looking at yelp or even using our form to get bids and opinions. Collect a handful and see what you get. You can always shoot me the bids you get and I'm happy to give you my take on what you've got.

Whatever you do, keep the receipt and any information about the windows for the new owners for if and when an issue arises.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2019

Virginia Beach Window Recommendations

Dane, Necessary to replace entire window due to wood rot on window frame as well as frame of the window itself… entire thing! Has center stationary pane with casements on either side. Sorry, I don't have measurements at work. What manufacturers would you recommend? The windows will be installed in the Virginia Beach, VA area close to the water… Thank you.

Fran - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Fran, if you are close to the water, I would recommend going with a quality vinyl or fiberglass window, which will hold up to the wear and tear of the sun, wind, salt air, etc. Okna, Sunrise, Soft-Lite, Polaris, Marvin, Simonton - these are all brands I recommend. If you google "Okna windows Virginia Beach" for example, you should be able to see pretty quickly if any local companies carry those brands. Get two or three bids and you should have a pretty good idea about pricing, quality, etc.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

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