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Best Replacement Windows In Florida

Explore the best replacement windows in Florida and find popular and available manufacturers throughout the state.

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PGT Windows

PGT is considered a reliable manufacturer that delivers durable and well made vinyl and aluminum windows. The companies makes a number of window lines and products, but they are perhaps best known for their hurricane impact windows and doors. The company enjoys a good reputation for honoring their warranties and standing behind their products. Many of their product lines are available in both vinyl and an aluminum option.

They company is headquartered in Venice, Florida and should be available in many of the coastal states in the south eastern United States. Pricewise, their products will typically be a bit more expensive than comparable Simonton windows, about on par with Custom Window Systems. (see below)

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CWS Windows

Custom Window Systems offers a number of impact vinyl and aluminum models and series. In terms of quality, the company offers some very well made vinyl windows and doors. They are often compared to PGT on both strength, durability and price. CWS is probably less well known and this may provide consumers with slightly better pricing than PGT.

Consumers who are looking for impact windows in coast al areas should get bids from CWS and PGT dealers to see which one is the better deal. The company is out of Florida and has been in business since 1986. Two series that we recommend include the WindPact Plus and the Icon impact aluminum frame.

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Simonton Windows

Simonton is one of the largest replacement window companies in the United States, with distribution in nearly every state, including Florida. Consumers can purchase Simonton windows at the big box stores, or through the countless contractors and reps who distribute and sell various models and lines. They aren't the fanciest or best looking vinyl windows, but they are well made, sturdy and reliable.

The company stands behind their products and has lots of series and models to choose from. Three models we recommend include the Reflections 5500 series, the 9800 Impressions and the ProFinish Contractor, which is similar to their entry level Asure, but at a lower price point.

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Replacements Window in Florida

Hi Tim - great site. I’m rebuilding a storm damaged home in St. John. Looking to source the windows in Florida. I will be measuring and ordering all of the windows and then shipping them. Would like to find the lowest cost distributor I can to get the best possible price and obviously there will be some resale margin there. Given the very small effort and work that will need to be done to place the order, I’m looking for any recommendations that might be my best cost option for a dealer?

Joe - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Joe, I don't have much experience in terms of finding Florida distributors willing to let the customer DIY the project. You might try and call the Florida based companies directly -- PGT and Custom Window Systems spring to mind. Most consumers who want to DIY windows have to go through Home Depot, Lowes, Dixieline, etc. I would definitely talk with the people who work in these departments and ask them if they have any additional options for you. These big box stores have a lower margin than distributors typically, but the quality at some of these spots isn't great. However, you can get some decent mind range vinyl windows at a fair price using this option. Good luck!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2019

Pensacola Window Options

We will be replacing all of our windows in our 1980's ranch brick house. I'm looking for a good mid range window in our area in Pensacola, Fl. I love the look of our old bronze aluminum windows but they have always had condensation in the winter time and I've read they are not energy efficient. So I'm interested in the vinyl but I would still like to keep the bronze color. Any good brand suggestions for our area? Thanks.

Kim - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Kim, there are some very good vinyl window brands available in your area such as Custom Window Systems and PGT Windows. If you do a search for these brands in Pensacola Florida, the companies that sell them should come up rather easily. Or you can call up the companies directly and ask who services your area.

The problem is going to be getting that bronze, that may take a little extra digging, although if you get two or three local companies to come out to give you a bid, one of them will know whether any local companies offer a vinyl window with a bronze interior. They do exist, I know Milgard and Okna offer a darker interior, but I don't think either of these companies services Florida.

I would start out with the brands I suggested or phone some vinyl window replacement companies in Pensacola and ask them for suggestions. That might be the quickest option. Let me know what you find.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

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