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Basics of Awning Windows

Awning windows are a unique and great looking option that provide excellent ventilation for the home. Awnings are rectangular or horizontal in shape and have hinges at the top, enabling the homeowner to open the window outwards from the bottom. When the window pushes open, it opens completely which allows air flow and an abundance of natural light. In addition to this, when open these windows look like awnings, which is where they got their name. Read all of our awning windows reviews to see how consumers and installers view this style of window.

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"Awning windows are one of the most distinctive looking windows on the market. They combine visual interest with good functionality that adds character and charm to almost any home."

Costs & Pricing

Awning window pricing can vary dramatically from $275 to $850 per window opening - this is the fully installed price. They are comparable in price to casements.

-- Price Range: $275 to $850 installed --

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Suitable for Any Style of Home

Awning windows were originally used in more traditional homes that didn't have the advantage of air conditioning. Because of the way these windows open, they allow for plenty of air flow, keeping the home cooler in the warm summer months. These days, awning windows are found in all home styles, including modern, traditional and ranch style homes. They are incorporated with other doors and windows to create a spectacular indoor outdoor flow with ample ventilation.

Very Functional

Awning windows are considered highly functional. With the tops hinged, a single unlocking of the window enables the homeowner to push the window out, allowing for plenty of air flow. The great thing is that these windows can remain open when it's raining without fear of water getting into the home. In fact, these are the opposite of hopper windows. Hopper windows tend to have hinges at the bottom and open inwards.


Awning windows are popular due to their energy efficiency. These windows have strong seals on all sides, except the bottom, where you find the hinges. Most windows on the market only enjoy seals on two of the sides, such as sliding windows, which reduce the efficiency dramatically. The seals used are called compression seals and these are tight seals, which eliminate air leakage. The only other window to enjoy a three sided compression seal is a casement.

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