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Hopper Windows

Hopper windows are relatively rare compared to the more common styles such as double hungs and casements. They are a unique stlye of window that has tons of character and harkens back to another era. Hoppers are hinged at the bottom and the tilt out from the top - they are essentially the opposite of an awning window that tilts out from the bottom. Hoppers usually have a hand crank, similar to a casement, that allows the window to be opened outward. A support ensures the window doesn't get damaged by slamming closed in high winds.

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Hopper Window Costs

Hopper window prices range from $100 to $600 fully installed.


Hopper windows are very versatile and are often sound in smaller spaces that require ventilation. Because they can open fully, they provide ample ventilation for such a small space. Hoppers are commonly found in older basements and smaller bathroom spaces, they can also be seen above windows and doors.

Energy Efficient

Hopper windows come with tight seals, which translates to better energy efficiency over other window types. These use compression seals which can be found on three sides, this ensures air doesn't leak, making them more effective than double hung or sliding windows.


The hinged design that hopper windows enjoy provides the best ventilation for smaller spaces because they are able to open completely.

Ease of Use

The handles are found on the base of the window, they are crank handles which means they need to be turned to open or close. These are very easy to use without any strain.



Hopper windows aren't the easiest when it comes to window coverings and blinds and curtains don't work well because of the way these windows open and close. This can hamper privacy within the home. Privacy film and tinting are options which can be used to enhance privacy when using these windows.

Water and Moisture

Because hopper windows tilt out when open, they are not ideal in wetter weather and should never be opened when it's raining outside. Awning windows, on the other hand work the opposite way, opening at the top and pushing out, stopping water from getting into the home.


Because these windows are such a top choice for smaller spaces, they are often found in basements and very close to the ground. With the lack of privacy, they are an easy target for unwelcome intruders. In some cases locking the window can be difficult because of where the lock is placed on the window and the height of the window in relation to the ground, but there are options available to secure the window and reduce the risk of intruders.

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